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What is DLNA

The most renowned questionnaire for discovering potential

DNLA - The Discovery and Development of Natural Latent Abilities questionnaire is designed to discover and develop natural abilities that are key to business success and is used to gain a clearer insight into the qualities of an employee or candidate. Using a reliable and world-renowned method, we measure emotional intelligence and social competencies such as the dynamics of achievement, interpersonal relationships, the desire to succeed, and the ability to cope with stress. This test is designed to identify the level of development of success factors. The methodology uses approx. 100,000 data points in total for the benchmarking which makes it objective, valid, and reliable. It measures emotional intelligence and social competencies grouped as Achievement Dynamics, Interpersonal Relationships, Will to Succeed , and Ability to Handle Stress.


Benchmarking data

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An objective and reliable method

The DNLA methodology includes over 100,000 data points for benchmarking, which makes this method objective, valid, and reliable. We perform a scientifically based assessment that indicates a person's current potential through two types of questionnaires:

Social competence questionnaire for the assessment of 17 social competencies, which include motivation for achievement, interpersonal relationships, desire for success, and the ability to cope with stress.

Leadership skills questionnaire for the assessment of 25 key factors in the field of leadership, cooperation and reaching agreements, and entrepreneurial tendencies.

The questionnaire can also be used during talent acquisition to significantly reduce the percentage of inconsistencies and wrong selections. In that case, it's a good idea to take our tracking service as well. Through the monitoring of candidates, we measure the change in potential and the improvement of work performance after 3-6 months (until the end of the trial period), and we give feedback to candidates with advice for personal improvement.

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