Strategic planning of organizational development

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Our approach

A simple overview of the process

We provide a systematic approach to planning future development and allocating the necessary resources so that your organization can achieve or maintain an economically competitive position.

By preparing a simple step-by-step overview of the process, we improve communication and team coordination and encourage forward-thinking ideas while focusing on key issues. 

strategy in 10 steps

Key steps

The steps we follow: (1) evaluation of the existing strategy, (2) basis for the next period, (3) possibility of financing from relevant sources, (4) analysis of strategic alignment at the local, national and EU level, (5) identifying the situation, (6) state and SWOT analysis, (7) workshop for defining key problems and needs, (8) presentation of goals and draft strategy, (9) review of goals, priorities and measures, (10) finalization of strategy and action plan.


Our plan doesn't stop with goals.

We define specific actions and guidelines for the implementation of the plan. We create a strategic document with a clear implementation of the plan, actions and guidelines for the organization, key stakeholders and a list of resources required for implementation.

Do you want a realistic action plan that will lead you to the desired results?

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