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About us

The leading executive search & selection company in the Adriatic region.

SELECTIO group is the leading groupation specializing in human resources consulting and talent search that acts as a one-stop shop for HR services. Excellent knowledge of the regional labor market, presence in all industry sectors, high business ethics, and adaptation to the real needs of clients are the foundations of our approach.



We work with ambitious companies who want to define the future.

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Certificates and Recognitions
for Excellent Employers

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    Employer Partner

    Every year, more than 100 companies apply for the Employer Partner certification to gain an objective insight into the quality of the HR system and to improve HR practices with guidelines and benchmarks, thereby supporting the organisation's growth. The project's mission is to continuously raise the quality of HR in the region and help excellent employers stand out in the labor market.

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    Future Resilience

    Future Resilience is the only program that organizations from any industry can join, designed to help employees build resilience against various business and personal challenges, as well as unpredictable and stressful situations. The project is supported by companies that prioritize employee health.

    This program consists of three components: educational programs for employees, each including five topics with a duration of 2 hours, employee support in the form of anonymous telephone counseling, and the Future Resilience certificate.

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