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How we recruit

We attract, assess, and hire talent

Are you in the process of growing or expanding to new markets in the region? Do you need support in hiring a large number of new team members?

You are in the right place. We create a personalized employment plan that is tailored to your organization.

We conduct interviews and testing and provide suggestions for job descriptions and salary ranges, we publish job ads and provide support in the formation of a kick-off management team and teams at all levels.


We have rich experience and proven results

As the best-known HR consulting organization in the region, we have the tools and experts needed to attract and assess a wide range of talent.

Due to our comprehensive experience on large employment projects and thanks to a wide network of contacts, we can guarantee results.

We have access to a large candidate database and we understand the labor market. We hire experienced HR experts and project managers who ensure timely communication and coordination of recruitment teams.


Highlighted projects

As the first licensed search company in Croatia, we implemented some of the largest and most complex mass recruitment projects and have helped the most successful organizations expand their business and achieve ambitious goals.



The most extensive search project in Croatia that lasted 6 months and within which 42,000 candidates applied. Selection and recruitment were carried out and 300 people were employed.



The successful process of selection and testing of more than 5500 candidates enabled 700 hiring for the INA Group (MOL) and their gas stations throughout Croatia.

Coca-Cola Youth Empowerment


For 4 years in a row, we recruited the NEET group in more than 15 cities and educated them as part of the Coca-Cola empowerment program. 1,000 people are being educated and involved annually.



As a preferred partner of BAT, we took over the project in which, despite the challenging location and demanding profiles, more than 120 people were successfully employed within a year.

Croatia osiguranje


Croatia osiguranje is the leading insurance company in Croatia for which, thanks to a successful search and selection, more than 100 representatives were employed in less than a year.



As a key partner in the Jabila greenfield project, we are supporting one of the largest production investments in Croatia in the implementation of the employment plan for up to 1,500 workers in 2024/2025.

Recruit talent that will enrich your culture.

Build large teams with the help of our HR consultants.


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