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Future Resilience is the only program that provides tools for long-term resilience. The unique program helps employees cope with various business and private challenges and unpredictable and stressful situations such as organizational change, unrealistic business requirements, "difficult" colleagues, etc and is created by experts with many years of experience in psychological counselling.


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What does the Future Resilience program include?

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    Program 1: Awareness of thoughts and emotions

    1. Emotional intelligence
    2. Building assertiveness
    3. Preventing stress and burnout
    4. Coping with change
    5. Empathy for a more satisfied team

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    Program 2: Organization of thoughts

    1. How to deal with uncertainty
    2. Anxiety prevention
    3. Overthinking and problem-solving
    4. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
    5. Resilience and the importance of relationships

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    Program 3: Life skills

    1. Managing household budget
    2. Improving quality of life and health
    3. How to successfully nurture friendships
    4. How to build a quality romantic relationship
    5. Safe internet surfing

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    Program 4: Parenting and upbringing

    1. Understanding child development
    2. Understanding a child’s emotions
    3. Setting boundaries
    4. How to be a dad? The importance of fathers
    5. Mental health of children and young people

Employee support

Psychologists with experience in in stress prevention answer individual personal questions and provide support in dealing with current stressors that can be of a private or business nature.

Counselling is done by phone and is completely anonymous, and all information is kept between the participant and the psychologist.


Upon inclusion in the Future Resilience program, the company receives:

  • framed recognition for building employee resilience
  • a badge on the MojPosao portal that confirms the care for employee mental health 
  • a label that a company can use to raise awareness of the importance of mental health

Emotional intelligence

- recognition of emotional states

- understanding the role of emotions

- managing emotions

- using emotions for personal development and more successful coping with challenges

Building assertiveness

- awareness of communication style

- clearly communicating needs and boundaries

- ensuring mutual understanding

- constructively managing relationships

Preventing stress and burnout

- awareness of one’s own stressors

- thoughts that lead to unpleasant emotions and reactions

- the impact of stress on health

- reducing symptoms and causes of stress

Coping with change

- understanding the processes of change

- personal coping with change

- understanding resistance to change

- change as an opportunity for growth

Empathy for a more satisfied team

- the importance of empathy in the workplace

- listening and hearing what the person is telling us indirectly

- recognizing potential in diversity

How to deal with uncertainty

- understanding stressful and traumatic situations

- awareness of emotional and physical states during a stress reaction

- emotion regulation techniques

- encouraging optimism

Anxiety prevention

- understanding the feeling of overwhelm

- understanding the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

- recognizing maladaptive worries and thoughts

- introduction to mindful working and relaxation techniques



Overthinking and problem-solving

- how to stop replaying the same thoughts over and over

- effective rumination management and techniques

- constructive management of worries and thoughts

- problem-solving techniques

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques

- mental clutter and mindful working

- distraction techniques

- relaxation techniques

- relaxation and energy management

- grounding techniques

Resilience and the importance of relationships

- our journey of resilience building

- relationships as the key

- humor as a medicine

- empowering oneself through helping others

Managing household budget

- financial literacy

- adjusting to a more expensive cost of living

- effective saving techniques

- awareness of spending habits

Improving quality of life and health

- awareness of unhealthy and maladaptive habits

- how to change a habit

- incorporating healthy habits for mental and physical well-being

How to successfully nurture friendships

- recognizing the value of friendship

- how to improve mutual communication

- friendship and conflicts

- what to do if a friendship comes to an end

How to build a quality romantic relationship

- awareness of relationship quality and satisfaction

- recognizing your own and others' needs

- jealousy and developing trust in a relationship

- nurturing a harmonious romantic relationship

- breakup and grieving

Safe internet surfing

- how to recognize scams

- basic rules of behavior on the internet

- internet data security and privacy

- cyberbullying and how to respond

- online safety for children

Understanding child development

- what to expect from a child at different ages

- how to respond to a child's needs effectively

- how to best promote a child's development

- is my child developing properly?

Understanding a child’s emotions

- emotional development of a child

- how to handle demanding situations

- common mistakes we make

- how to promote a child's emotional intelligence

Setting boundaries

- challenges of parenting in today's world

- parenting styles - differences between then and now

- common pitfalls of modern parenting

- which approach yields the best results - discipline, punishment, rewards, etc.

How to be a dad? The importance of fathers

- why the role of the father is more important than we thought

- best ways to foster the father-child relationship

- what to do when the father is absent in the family

Mental health of children and young people

- prevalence of mental health issues

- common difficulties faced by young people

- what not to do if your child exhibits symptoms of problems

- how to prevent mental issues

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