SELECTIO Leadership Academy

program for successful leaders

SELECTIO Leadership Academy is a one-year development program that builds the leadership skills needed for leading modern teams. We develop managers who know how to create a relationship of trust, recognize the potential in differences, create responsibility for the result and open the possibility for personal and professional development. In 12 steps, we implement individual changes.

what will you learn?

  • retain the best team members
  • raise motivation, engagement and trust
  • create connection and commitment amongst team members
  • manage relationships and conflicts
  • create and communicate a clear vision
  • initiate and implement change

Modul 1

Introductory workshop: Leading yourself to lead others

  • What is leadership and why is it important?

  • Leadership competencies

  • Where are my opportunities for development?

  • How can I develop as a leader?

Modul 2

Change management

  • Understanding the roots and nature of the change process
  • Change management models on a personal and group level
  • Planning the change process
  • Executing the change process

Modul 3

Goals as a tool for stimulating intrinsic motivation

  • The importance of goals and how to define them
  • The importance of KPIs and how to define them
  • The role of goals and KPIs in organisational culture
  • The role of goals and KPIs in driving strategy

Modul 4

Understanding and managing emotions

  • Emotional intelligence and its role in leadership
  • Recognising and managing emotional states
  • The impact of stress on productivity and motivation
  • Reducing the negative impacts of stress

Modul 5

Teams and BELBIN Team Roles®

  • Team vs. group of individuals
  • What makes the team efficient?
  • Group dynamics
  • Managing group dynamics

Modul 6

Communication skills: Managing relationships and conflicts

  • Communication skills as a tool of emotional intelligence
  • Relationship management
  • Conflict prevention
  • Conflict management

Modul 7

Time management and self management

  • Efficient time management
  • Prioritising and multitasking
  • Delegation as a tool for team efficiency
  • Delegation as a tool for team development

Modul 8

Managing diversity in a team

  • Diversity management
  • Individual and group differences in the team
  • Managing communication between teams
  • Conflict prevention and management

Modul 9

Providing feedback as a motivational tool

  • Feedback as a motivation and development tool
  • Feedback – DO's and DON'Ts
  • Motivation and motivational factors
  • Motivation strategies

Modul 10

Identifying and developing employee potential

  • The importance of competencies
  • Leader as coach
  • Competency development methods
  • Assessing competencies and identifying talent

Modul 11

Application of coaching skills

  • What is my leadership style?
  • Developmental levels of team members
  • Situational leadership model
  • Choosing the right style and successfully developing a team

Modul 12

Wrap up session


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Senior HR Consultant and SELECTIO Group People and Organisation Development Lead

Ana Frlan Bajer

Ana Frlan Bajer joined SELECTIO in 2007 as Head of Recruitment and Selection Projects. In 2013, she was employed by IKEA Croatia where she participated in the preparation, planning and implementation of selection and employment of over 300 employees for the first IKEA department store in Zagreb. As an internal coach, she also participated in onboarding of the same employees. Upon completion of the project, for family reasons, she moved to Singapore where, through volunteer work, she gained valuable multicultural experience. Upon her return to Croatia, she returned to the SELECTIO Group and began to engage in what she loves most, namely, training and human resource development.

Ana has worked on the development and implementation of several leadership programs. She has held many workshops in the fields of communication skills, teamwork, time management and goals, professional stress, motivation, etc. In addition to being an HR consultant and coach for external clients, she also works on the development of HR processes within the SELECTIO Group.

Other professional experience includes consulting projects, certification on the Employer Partner Certificate project of excellence and career counselling.

She has a degree in psychology and is currently undergoing education for an Integrative Psychotherapist.

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Director of Organisational Design and Development, SELECTIO Ltd.

Tanja Prekodravac

As an Expert Advisor for Education and Human Resource Development, Tanja Prekodravac joined SELECTIO Group in 2006 as the Career Day Project Manager. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and continues her education in the field of human resource management and development, as well as in therapy work. She has completed further education in the field of stress and burnout, crisis intervention, communication, family mediation, group leadership, etc. She is currently completing a graduate course in Gestalt psychotherapy and body psychotherapy.

Her professional experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as project consulting and certification within the Employer Partner Certificate project.

Tanja worked on the development, implementation and coordination of many training programs in Croatia. She has held many lectures and workshops in the field of communication and presentation skills, teamwork, time management, professional stress, motivation, psychological testing, etc., for individuals, groups, institutions and organisations, as well as participated in the implementation of advisory work with youth and adults.

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Director of SELECTIO Ltd.

Aleksandar Zemunić

Aleksandar Zemunić has been an employee of SELECTIO Group since 2003. As Director of the company SELECTIO KADROVI Ltd., he is currently responsible for all business functions, as well as the development of recruitment and selection services, managing the recruitment team and key projects as well as advising clients on all matters in the field of human resource management. His fields of expertise encompass organisational and personnel analysis, assessment of an organisation’s key potential, human resource management strategies, competencies system, managing work performance, motivation and rewards, recruitment and employee selection, etc. He participates in business development, planning and financial analyses. Aleksandar also lectures various HR modules and is a licensed advisor of Belbin Team Roles methodology, as well as a certifier of excellence in human resource management.

Aleksandar holds a master’s degree in human resource management from Cardiff University where he graduated with a distinction for his masters’ thesis ‘High Performance Work Practices in the Financial Services Sector’. He was a recipient of the Chevening scholarship, ‘UK government’s flagship scholarship scheme’ funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and managed by British Council. He graduated in financial management at the Faculty of Economics, University of J.J. Strossmayer, Osijek.

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Head of Organisational Development Solutions

Martina Kessler

Martina Kessler has extensive experience in human resource management, matrix leadership and business development.

She leads multiple teams of direct subordinates, project teams, as well as a large international network of HR experts. She is responsible for three branches of the business: HR auditing, consulting and training with the aim of implementing practices that encourage the achievement of objectives, inclusion and retention of employees in different industries. She leads the global flagship project Employer Partner Certificate, which represents the standard of excellence in human resource management.

Projects of importance include HR audit, organisational development, management assessment and building leadership capacity in organisations such as Abbvie, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Erste bank, Heineken, Hekel, INA, Infobip, LIDL, Philip Morris International, Pliva, Procter&Gamble, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Molson Coors, etc.

Modul 1

Leading self and leading others

It is not possible to enroll individual modules.

Modul 2

Understanding and driving change

it is not possible to enroll individual modules

Modul 3

Setting goals and fostering accountability

Nije mohuće pohađanje pojedinačnih modula.

Modul 4

Emotional intelligence and stress management

Group 3: 08/12/2022 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 27/04/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 5

Building high performing teams, with BELBIN® Team Roles methodology

it is not possible to enroll individual modules

Modul 6

Relationship and conflict management

Group 3: 16/02/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 25/05/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 7

Time management and team management

Group 3: 23/03/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 14/09/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 8

Managing diversity in a team

Group 3: 27/04/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 12/10/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 9

Providing feedback and motivation

Group 3: 18/05/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 09/11/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 10

Identifying and developing employee potential, basics of coaching skills for managers

Group 3: 15/06/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 07/12/2023 (Applications open)


Modul 11

Situational leadership®

Group 3: 14/09/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 12/01/2024 (Applications open)


Modul 12

Wrap up session

Group 3: 12/10/2023 (Applications closed)

Group 4: 09/02/2024 (Applications open)


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