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RPO service

Do you need HR support?

Transfer the process of finding and selecting candidates to experienced recruiters and HR consultants. The outsourcing service includes dedicated SELECTIO experts who provide support for all needs of internal rotations and external recruitment, carry out the process of finding, selecting, evaluating, and hiring candidates, and are present during selection interviews.

RPO benefits

What are you getting with RPO?

By hiring experienced HR experts you minimize the risk of hiring talent that does not fit your corporate culture, you improve work efficiency, and save the time needed to train internal HR specialists.

This recruitment and selection process also includes SELECTIO HR consultants who, if necessary, become contact persons for team members and help improve the talent search process.

Our approach

Are you looking for reliable HR experts?

You are in the right place. We have dedicated professionals with extensive experience who foster a partnership approach and tailor the search to your organization's needs.

Leave the work to us and relax.

Build your business with the most trusted HR experts in Croatia.


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