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Although there is a pay gap in most companies, many employers are taking all steps to build a transparent and fair pay system. Our mission is to recognize companies that have a leading role on this path and guide those that have a few more steps to the goal. Apply for the first equal pay certificate in Croatia and use your example to encourage others to set standards for equality.

Become an Equal Pay Champion and let your actions speak louder than words.

Five steps of certification


The application for certification begins with the confirmation of the Offer, which must be sent by e-mail to any SELECTIO Group representative. The deadline for all applications is November 30, 2024.

Signing the Agreement

The first thing after applying for the Equal Pay Champion is signing the cooperation and confidentiality Agreement. To complete the application, the Agreement must be signed by December 31, 2024.


Certification in the first year commences with sharing information about the performed activities regarding the pay gap in the organization with the Equal Pay Champion team. The goal of this step is to prove that there is a plan to reduce the pay gap.

Final Report

The Final Report includes the first-year overview of all performed activities to reduce the Equal Pay Index, the opinion of the Equal Pay Champion team, and suggestions on how to proceed with DEI initiatives and comply with the EU Directive. The final report is set to be sent by the end of February 2025.

Award Giving Ceremony

The award ceremony is scheduled for March 2024 in Zagreb. Together, we will celebrate and honor all Equal Pay Champions who set an example for other companies and are committed to fair pay practices. Public announcement of the Equal Pay Champions will be shared via LinkedIn, website, and media.


What does the certification look like?

Application for certificate


Signing of the contract




Final report


MARCH 2025
Award giving ceremony


who can apply

Are you brave enough to check the Equal Pay Index?

Company size and number of employees are not important to us. It is important that you take all steps to achieve pay equity. Equal Pay Champion is a certificate that verifies the organization's commitment to paying its employees equal salaries for equal work, regardless of their gender or other irrelevant factors. When your company demonstrates this commitment to pay equity and fairness, SELECTIO Group, the leading HR services provider in Croatia, will honor you as an Equal Pay Champion.


Why should you apply?

  • Become a more attractive workplace
  • You will increase visibility
  • Know how to reduce the pay gap
  • You will have an awarding ceremony
  • Receive recognition from the HR community
  • You will be inspired by best practices
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The gender pay gap in the EU stands at 12.7 %.

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Due to the inequality in wages, women have up to 40% lower pensions.

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28 trillion

If all women achieved equality it would lead to an increase in global GDP of 28 trillion dollars.


We do what we do best

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Do what we do best - systematical and ethical audit

We have conducted over 2,000 analyses of different HR systems, and thanks to the experience gained, we successfully recognize fair salary systems.

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We strive for equality in everything we do

We have firm principles and high ethics. This includes making ethically correct decisions as well as having one standard for all.

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We nurture a partnership approach in all business segments

We enter into a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with each client that includes working together to achieve long-term and sustainable goals.

Ready to make a difference?

Join our certification and emerge as a certified Equal Pay Champion!


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