Corporate Social Responsibility

We care.

We listen, we understand, and we care for others. It means that every business decision at SELECTIO Group is made with the consideration of all options and how each one may affect a person, company, or industry. 

We respect all people.

We respect the rights, privacy, and dignity of all people, not just our employees. We strive to act fairly and with an open mind. In hiring practices, initiatives, business partnerships, and communication we respect all, regardless of religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, or nationality. 

We strive to provide excellence.

Delivering the greatest quality of service for our clients is one of our main advantages. The heart of SELECTIO Group are employees who always look for the best solution, constantly improving their performance, client satisfaction, and morale.


We care about the people and the future. 

SELECTIO Group pays great attention to corporate social responsibility, implementing it in its everyday work. As a member of the Community for Socially Responsible Business at the Croatian Chamber of Economy and a signer of the UN Global Compact we promote dialogue, learning, collective action, and high business ethics. The SELECTIO community is built on the premise of respecting individual identities and bringing together complementary talents and personalities. It is a community of people committed to creating a future of humane workplaces. 

We collect funds for a better labor market 

With the help of the Institute for Labor Market Development, we are taking steps towards a better labor market through the introduction of new models for action. We support the work of SOS Children’s Village Croatia, Association “Play”, Association ADOPTA, Children Home Zagreb – I. G. Kovačić, Association DEBRA, and Association Krijesnica.

We support inclusion 

Disability inclusion in the workplace is about more than just hiring people with disabilities. An inclusive workplace values all employees for their strengths. With a goal to promote true inclusion, we work with associations of persons with disabilities and organizations such as UNDP, a partner in the project “Employer of the Year for Persons With Disabilities Award”.

We provide support in youth employment

We want to help young people develop their potential to shape a sustainable future. That is why we organize educational workshops for new generations. In cooperation with the Institute for Labor Market Development, we develop new competencies among youth in accordance with the needs and possibilities of the labor market while providing comprehensive and individualized support in the job search.

We encourage life-long learning 

Through cooperation with the Institute for Labour Market Development and other organizations on projects that contribute to the development of competencies of different marginalized groups in the labor market, such as „Job College – Job Clubs“ (for unemployed youth), „Project 4P- Support + Employers + Job-seekers = Job“ (for unemployed persons with a disability) and various other projects.

We promote high standards in HR management

Our Employer Partner Certificate measures the impact of excelling HR practices on organizational success. It is a solution to building an organizational culture that attracts and retains top talent. Bringing together more than 200 companies and over 50 HR experts, the Employer Partner methodology is improving HR practices in more and more companies while building excellent workplaces across the region.