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Soft skills training helps employees develop interpersonal skills, feedback, responsibility, and being proactive. We learn how to successfully identify a problem and think outside the box. After our soft skills training, team members cooperate better with each other and reach their goals faster. This way, the organization develops the most important skills, increases effectiveness and productivity, and ensures agile employees who adapt to changes and challenges.

Soft skills

Why invest in soft skills?

  • Personality development
  • Standing out in the labor market
  • Competence development
  • Possibility of mentoring
  • Better engagement among employees
  • Team support

Workshop 1

Building communication skills

Communication is both the source and the solution to most of the problems we face, both in business and in our private lives. "Good communication" is difficult to measure and its impact is often indirect, which is why it is often ignored. Research highlights communication skills as key skills for professional success, motivating others, developing negotiating skills, and creating a better network of contacts.

In our training sessions, we learn how to be more aware of ourselves and how to adjust our communication style to different circumstances. Also, we learn how to truly listen to the interlocutor and hear what they don't say directly, recognizing the unspoken needs. We study how to communicate clearly and ensure mutual understanding to prevent and resolve existing conflicts.  

At the end of the workshop, you will communicate more clearly and be able to encourage understanding, which will help you prevent and resolve conflicts.

As part of this training, it is possible to use the following tools - Personality Type Questionnaire and Role-play. 

Workshop 2

Four Rooms of Change®

Four Rooms of Change® is the most well-known and useful tool for the implementation of organizational change in the business world.

Employees place themselves in four psychological states of mind – satisfaction, denial, confusion, and inspiration. The first two states resist change while the other two states accept change. In a crisis, we all move from satisfaction to denial, and through confusion, we come to give up, which opens the way to inspiration and development. Once employees learn to recognize the stage of change they are in, it will be easier for them to cope with the change and better manage the change process by taking responsibility for their feelings and actions.

This tool supports innovation, development, change, and transformation, as well as business stability. It is effective in all types of companies and organizations and can be used by individuals, groups, and complex systems. Four Rooms of Change® increases understanding and acceptance of diversity in the team and organization.

In addition to the Four Rooms of Change®, we also use the Organizational Barometer®, which helps answer the questions: How are we doing? How do we feel? What do we want to do? Using 40 questions, we measure the organizational climate and the degree of readiness for change.


Workshop 3

Dealing with stress and preventing burnout

Long-term exposure to any type of stress can lead to more serious health consequences and symptoms of burnout, which manifests itself through emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and lack of professional achievements.

In addition to being devastating for individuals, burnout is also dangerous for organizations because it negatively affects productivity and motivation. However, by mastering certain techniques, it is possible to detect the causes, prevent burnout, and build long-term resistance to stress.

In our training, you can learn to become aware of stressors and thoughts that lead to unpleasant emotions, reactions, and behavior. With the tools we provide, you can build long-term resilience to stress and learn techniques for dealing with uncertainty, worries, and uncomfortable emotions.

Workshop 4

Boosting motivation, engagement and innovation

This is a workshop where you will learn the skill of stimulating intrinsic motivation to be more productive. You will find out what types of motivation exist, what is counterproductive in achieving better engagement, and the importance of autonomy and personal development. You will learn the difference between motivation and engagement and learn how they relate to results.

You will master methods like design thinking as a tool for innovating and coming up with new ideas. Using the gamification method, you will find motivation to perform the least interesting tasks.

This workshop is intended for employees and team leaders who want to find out the motivational factors that drive results and is especially useful for personal and professional development and well-being.

Workshop 5

Change Management

Are you making changes to your team or organization, but you are not sure how some of the employees will accept them?

Adequate preparation for changes ensures easier acceptance and readiness of employees. By developing change management competencies, you create an environment in which understanding and motivation reign.

In the change management workshop, we learn to understand the cause and movement of change and the importance of change for organizational growth. With different models of change management at the personal and group level, such as the Four Rooms of Change®, you will learn how to deal with change personally and how to plan and successfully implement changes in an organization.

Workshop 6

Diversity management

Differences within organizations and discrimination based on them do not only refer to gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity but also to different types of people who have different thoughts, ideas, and values. Employee differences are a value if they know how to recognize and use them. Proper management of differences encourages innovation, creativity, different perspectives, seeing from multiple angles, and faster problem-solving, additionally enabling employees to be authentic.

In diversity management training, we learn to recognize diversity in the team and manage heterogeneous groups to achieve organizational goals. In heterogeneous groups, we recognize the potential and learn to manage in an inclusive way to use the potential of all employees.

We first detect unacceptable behaviors toward employees due to diversity and then correct them. We look at the reasons behind team dysfunctions and learn how to solve them and manage group processes to increase team effectiveness.

As part of this training, it is possible to use some of the following tools: BELBIN Team Roles®, Questionnaire of personality types, and DNLA®.

Workshop 7

Building a feedback culture

Encouraging feedback is key to employee development and increasing engagement.

Various studies warn of the importance of frequent feedback and indicate that, in addition to positive feedback, most employees also prefer corrective feedback in the workplace. That is why it is extremely important not to ignore them and to guide them in the best possible way.

In the feedback-building training, we learn about feedback as a tool for motivating and developing employees and how to give, receive, and ask for feedback. We also learn how to bridge individual differences in understanding feedback.

As part of this education, it is possible to use tools such as Questionnaire of personality types, Role-play, and DNLA.

Workshop 8

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a necessary prerequisite for good leadership, which is why it is important to continuously encourage employees to develop socio-emotional skills.

In the workshop on emotional intelligence, we learn to recognize our own and other people's emotional states and to manage our emotions. We learn what different emotions are for and how to use our own emotions for personal development and more successful coping with challenges.

Workshop 9

Leading remote teams

In the workshop, we master the basic steps for shaping the desired leadership style and define the necessary adjustments to the leadership style according to the needs of the team. To develop team spirit, we teach how to foster a sense of security and define steps to show concern for employees.

We create instructions for creating a crisis communication plan to provide basic psychological support to employees during a crisis.

The workshop is intended for managers of newly formed or remote teams and product owners.

Workshop 10

Goal Management

Do you know the purpose of your organization? Does your organization have set strategic goals and has it changed them to adapt to changes?

Research shows that effective goal management is necessary for achieving business results and developing employees and the organization.

In the goal management workshop, you will learn: (1) why goals are important for achieving results, (2) goal setting methodologies and the relationship between goals and motivation and engagement, (3) key indicators of success, and (4) goal setting with purpose and connecting goals with the organization's strategy.

Workshop 11

Time Management

Can you focus or do you feel like time is running away? Do you know how to prioritize?

Time management is one of the most desirable business skills, but at the same time one of the least represented. Organizations whose employees manage time effectively record business growth, increased organizational performance, and a higher level of employee satisfaction and motivation.

In time management training, you will learn how to: (1) manage time effectively, (2) become aware of stealers and procrastination patterns, (3) maintain focus, set priorities, and change them according to changing goals, and (4) delegate so that maintain efficiency but also encourage the development of others.

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Recruitment and Selection Project Manager / HR consultant, SELECTIO

Ivana Matijević

As a graduate psychologist, Ivana joined SELECTIO Group in 2015, where she had the opportunity to work on recruitment and selection projects for numerous renowned organizations. During her tenure, Ivana successfully led and executed numerous complex candidate searches across various profiles and levels of responsibility. Her clients include some of the most well-known and successful domestic and international companies, such as Heineken, Coca Cola, IKEA, Hrvatski Telekom, Pliva, and Podravka.

Ivana’s extensive experience working on the Employer Partner certification consulting project has served as an excellent platform for gaining deeper insights into labor markets and understanding the quality of HR processes in both foreign and domestic companies. Additionally, Ivana works as a trainer, having had the opportunity to create transformational educational programs related to leadership skills development for large B2B projects, involving over 300 managers.

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Senior HR Consultant, SELECTIO

Tanja Prekodravac

As an Expert Advisor for Education and Human Resource Development, Tanja Prekodravac joined SELECTIO Group in 2006 as the Career Day Project Manager. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and continues her education in the field of human resource management and development, as well as in therapy work. She has completed further education in the field of stress and burnout, crisis intervention, communication, family mediation, group leadership, etc. She has completed education in Gestalt psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and coaching.

Her professional experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as project consulting and certification within the Employer Partner certicate project.

Tanja worked on the development, implementation and coordination of many training programs in Croatia. She has held many lectures and workshops in the field of communication and presentation skills, teamwork, time management, professional stress, motivation, psychological testing, etc., for individuals, groups, institutions and organisations, as well as participated in the implementation of advisory work with youth and adults.

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People and Culture Lead, SELECTIO

Ana Frlan Bajer

Ana Frlan Bajer joined SELECTIO in 2007 as Head of Recruitment and Selection Projects. In 2013, she was employed by IKEA Croatia where she participated in the preparation, planning, and implementation of selection and employment of over 300 employees for the first IKEA department store in Zagreb. As an internal coach, she also participated in onboarding of the same employees. Upon completion of the project, for family reasons, she moved to Singapore where, through volunteer work, she gained valuable multicultural experience. Upon her return to Croatia, she returned to the SELECTIO Group and began to engage in what she loves most, namely, training and human resource development.

Ana has worked on the development and implementation of several leadership programs. She has held many workshops in the fields of communication skills, teamwork, time management and goals, professional stress, motivation, etc. In addition to being an HR consultant and coach for external clients, she also works on the development of HR processes within the SELECTIO Group.

Other professional experience includes consulting projects, certification on the Employer Partner certificate project of excellence, and career counseling.

She is a psychologist and psychotherapist with an integrative orientation.

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Senior HR Consultant, SELECTIO

Jasna Belamarić

As the initiator of the program for the development of senior government officials and a long-term collaborator of the State School of Public Administration, Jasna has educated multiple generations of managers. She established programs for several courses and devised and implemented numerous educational and developmental initiatives. She holds a master's degree in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and has trained in several psychological disciplines, accumulating 20 years of experience as an HR professional, trainer, and consultant for human development. At the Higher Education Institution for Entrepreneurship, she lectured on Organizational Psychology, and today, in addition to HR consulting, she engages in executive coaching as well as research on organizational climate and job satisfaction.

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Head of Assessment Department / HR Consultant, SELECTIO

Ana Petelinšek

With a master's degree in psychology, Ana joined the SELECTIO Group in 2017 within the Recruitment and Selection department. She led numerous complex searches in various industries and collaborated with international companies such as Henkel, Heineken, Fortenova Grupa, Dukat, Coca-Cola, Tele2, INA, Schneider Electric, and British American Tobacco.


Her experience also includes work on consulting projects such as the Employer Partner Certificate and the Excellence in Challenges award, where she had the opportunity to evaluate HR practices for domestic and international organizations, in addition to which she participated in and led projects examining the organizational climate and employee satisfaction.


In the role of trainer, she participated in a multi-year employer branding project to empower young and unemployed people to enter the labor market. In addition, she developed training content and held various trainings and webinars with a focus on leadership and soft skills, after which she became the coordinator of the Future Resilience project.


Her experience in psychological counseling includes work on the Employee Counseling and Support Program, as well as therapeutic work within a private psychological center and a student counseling center at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. In addition, she is currently under supervision for a Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist.

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People and Culture Consultant, SELECTIO

Erna Tomiša

Erna is a graduate psychologist who started her professional journey in 2018 in the Organizational development and consulting department of the SELECTIO Group, since then she has been working on designing soft skills and leadership workshops and training. As an HR specialist, she participates in the implementation of various consulting projects, such as examining the organizational climate and employee engagement, and uses the research results in organizational development plans.


She successfully implemented and upgraded numerous human resource management processes, and designed the application of a program for developing team cohesion and building employee resilience. In addition, she coordinated the SELECTIO HR Academy, which was attended by numerous HR specialists in Croatia.


As a certifier on the Employer Partner project, she promotes quality human resource management and raises standards of excellence. Her main goal is the protection and preservation of mental health and human rights, which is why she is active in numerous projects outside the SELECTIO Group that promote the aforementioned goals and build a better tomorrow.

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Assessment, Talent Acquisition and Executive Search Consultant, SELECTIO

Jelena Majcen

As a graduate psychologist, Jelena joined the SELECTIO Group in 2018, where she works with international organizations such as Philip Morris International, Coca-Cola, Schneider Electric, Tifon, and Croatia Insurance. She specializes in leading extensive talent searches, in which she continuously conducts market research and evaluates the competencies of candidates. In addition, he participates in the implementation of consulting projects in the field of human resources, such as examining the organizational climate, employee engagement, and satisfaction.


She has created several soft skills workshops and is involved in the implementation of programs aimed at developing leadership skills, participates in the implementation of career counseling, and as a certifier on the global project, Employer Partner assesses the quality of the HR processes of numerous domestic and foreign organizations.

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Recruitment and Selection Project Manager / HR consultant, SELECTIO

Iva Raguž

Within the SELECTIO Group, Iva started on recruitment and selection projects and led a large number of complex customer searches in various industries with a focus on sales and marketing. As a Recruitment and Selection Project Manager, she had the opportunity to work for numerous international companies such as Henkel, Heineken, Philip Morris International, Styria, Hrvatski Telekom, IKEA, Pliva, Coca-Cola, and others. She researched the market, conducted interviews, assessed candidates' competencies, and gained an excellent insight into the labor market.

As an HR Consultant and trainer, she has participated in the development and implementation of programs focused on personal and professional development. She has held numerous workshops in the field of communication skills, change management, team dynamics, time management, coping with stress, and many others.

As a trainer, she participated in a large multi-year youth empowerment program to enter the job market.

Other professional experience includes consulting projects, certification in the project of excellence in human resource management Employer Partner certificate, and career counseling.

She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.


What do our clients?

In SELECTIO Group, we have found a partner with whom we cooperate in several complementary areas. They support us in finding new talents and provide us with comprehensive development support. Thanks to the team of excellent HR experts, we are sure that the funds we allocate for development are really invested, and not thrown to the wind. Warm and sincere recommendations from the PSK HR team.

Petra Grabušić

Head of HR

We recognized the need to empower employees in these unpredictable times full of change. Employees are extremely satisfied with the SELECTIO program, which they recommend to their colleagues in a large percentage, and the feedback is excellent! In addition to group webinars, they have the option of contacting psychologists anonymously if they need additional individual support and help.

Hana Naoulo Bego

HR Manager | TIFON

All the goals were achieved with added value. Our 'buddy' program is still going strong - a year and a half after the end of the program, the buddies regularly hold meetings, help each other, and guide themselves in their personal and professional development, often emphasizing how useful and valuable the tailor-made leadership program was for them. I can't imagine a better testament to the value of the program than that.

Andrea Puljašević Zec


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