Strategic development of HR processes

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reliable methodology

For 20 years, we have been providing HR strategic development services that follow the Employer Partner methodology. We assess the quality of HR management and provide personalized proposals for developing an excellent HR system that will support business goals and the well-being of employees. We provide a comparative analysis with organizations that have passed the Employer Partner methodology. If necessary, we create benchmark analyses by industry, size and type of organization, market and similar parameters.

More than 200 organizations in the region were evaluated using our methodology and more than 200,000 employees were included. An astonishing 94% of organizations successfully improved their entire HR system.

Our services

We conduct a detailed analysis of the HR management process according to the comprehensive Employer Partner methodology and compare it with the market, region and industry (HR benchmark) in order to reach the quantitative indicators of the efficiency of employee management in your organization in relation to a comparative group of organizations.

We create recommendations for the further development of the HR system with an action plan and HR strategy. We strengthen the HR function by presenting development guidelines to the HR department and management for communicating long-term challenges while raising awareness of the responsibilities of each stakeholder in the process of developing an excellent HR system.

Step 1

Creating a structured report

The consultation includes the creation of a structured report with an overview of the HR process and a review of numerical indicators in order to reveal their strengths and areas for improvement.

Step 2

Comparison of results

A comparison with the results of organizations that passed our methodology with reference subgroups and, if applicable, with average results achieved by other organizations within your group.

Step 3

Personalized proposals

Personalized proposals for the development of HR process.

Step 4

Action plan

Action plan with emphasis on priority areas.

Step 5

Time frame

Creation of a time frame for the implementation of the action plan.

Step 6

Defining key roles

Key roles with capacity development and performance measures of the HR function, management and managers in the development of HR systems.

Step 7

Risk assessment

Risk assessment of the status quo and insufficient investment in key HR processes.

Step 8

HR strategy

Creating an HR strategy proposal for the development of HR processes.

Step 9

Presentation of HR processes

Presentation of HR processes, HR benchmarks and development guidelines with a focus on short-term and long-term challenges.

Step 10

Presentation of action plans

Presentation of action plans that support quality development and connection of HR processes into a complete and quality HR system.

Do you want realistic insight into your HR system?

We will analyze your HR processes and set up an action plan that will lead you to the desired results.