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The first program for HR specialists

SELECTIO HR Academy is the first and most well-known program for the development of HR professionals that provides skills for successfully dealing with challenges in the HR world. Through exercises that encourage active participation and with the help of HR experts, you will learn how to successfully manage talent and how to adapt HR practices to frequent changes. The topics are designed according to the best global HR practices and can be enrolled individually.



What can you expect?

  • experienced lecturers with extensive experience
  • proven results in practice
  • real business examples 
  • practical tasks
  • tools for dealing with the challenges
  • individual approach and group work
  • networking and exchange of experiences
  • analysis of the techniques used in your work environment

Lecture Schedule

Group open for applications

4. & 5.11. │2022.

Recruitment and Selection

Individual units

  • Workplace analysis and job analysis
  • Recruitment and pre-selection
  • Selection
  • Post-selection process
  • Tools
  • Psychological testing in selection
  • Mobile recruiting and social platforms
  • Selection process and employment of persons with disabilities
  • Employer branding

At the end of this module, attendees will know how to: (1) plan and implement the process of creating and/or updating job descriptions, (2) argument the need to update job descriptions in the context of changing the way work is organized (job enlargement and enrichment at all levels) and analyse the applicability of different approaches, (3) evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of different recruitment channels, depending on the specific circumstances, (4) what psychological tests to use and for what purposes, (5) prepare and conduct a structured interview, (6) evaluate/select the employee(s) that best meet the job requirements, (7) define legal, ethical and cultural constraints in the selection process and (8) learns the importance and application of employer branding in the recruitment and selection process. 

3.12. │2022.

Performance Management

Individual units

  • Competencies, expectations and work standards
  • Work allocation
  • Work assessment models
  • Advantages and shortcomings of different assessment models
  • Setting and evaluating goals
  • Difficulties in introducing the process of performance management and how to avoid them – employees and managers
  • The role of HR departments in introducing and implementing performance management
  • Provision of feedback on employees’ work

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) design and implement a process for defining key and specific competencies, (2) analyse the usefulness of defining key competencies in relation to a model of the job role or some other job description upgrade models, (3) argument the decision on the content and dynamics of a performance management system appropriate to the particular work environment, (4) set targets and goals according to the SMART criteria, (5) determine how the process of goal setting encourages behaviours consistent with organizational culture and business ethics, (6) argument the decision on the link between performance management and reward systems and lastly, (7) organize a process of regularly giving feedback to the employee on his or her work performance.


Employee Development

Individual units

  • Analysis of development needs
  • Talent management
  • 360º feedback
  • Succession planning
  • Learning organisation
  • The mentoring system
  • Job introduction and onboarding
  • Discrimination and diversity management in the organisation
  • Career counselling and outplacement

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) define the system of individual development of employees in such a way that the needs of the business, individual desires and potential for further development are equally satisfied, (2) define key elements in talent assessment, talent development management system and talent retention, (3) establish a talent assessment system based on information received from many different sources, (4) develop a system for managing talents’ expectations in their long-term development, (5) create a “talent magnet” culture in the organization as a competitive advantage, (6) argument potential obstacles in implementing successor planning system, (7) define a system that clearly distinguishes professional and managerial advancement, (8) assess the cost and value of individual development methods, (9) develop a training catalogue and budget, (10) basics of facilitation techniques – Art of hosting, (11) the importance and manner of managing diversity in the organization, (12) identify and prevent discriminatory behaviours in the organization and (13) what is outplacement and when and how to arrange it. 

18. & 25.2. │2023.

Rewards, Motivation and Organizational Culture

Individual units

  • Rewarding and motivating employees
  • Employee retention
  • Internal communication
  • Organisational culture
  • Measuring employee satisfaction – engagement
  • Takeovers, acquisitions and changes in organisational culture
  • Finance for non-financial professionals: salaries and bonuses, and how to read financial statements

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) define and evaluate the value of the various elements of the reward system, (2) what does (not) motivate employees and how, (3) the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, extraverted and introverted behaviour, (4) the difference between material and intangible rewards and when to use them – the link between motivation and reward, (5) argue the content and dynamics of the rewards system tailored for the particular work environment, (6) argument differences in the remuneration of experts and managers, (7) define channels, responsibilities and approaches to manage internal communication, (8) design an approach to examining organizational culture in their work environment, (9) evaluate how well the core values ​​of their organizational culture are in line with their business goals, (10) use employee satisfaction research as a diagnosis of an organization’s “blood count” and organizational culture as a lever to achieve company goals, (11) how to read financial statements and (12) he total cost of wages and salaries of the employees.

25.3. │2023.

HR Audit and HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

Individual units

  • HR audit
  • HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
  • Due diligence

At the end of this module you will know how to: (1) critically and diagnostically examine the existing HR system in your organization, assess the appropriateness and expectations of change implementation – based on the Employer Partner Certificate methodology, (2) argument the applicability of different models of HR practices in a specific work environment, (3) assess the strategic importance of a particular HR initiative in your organization, (4) evaluate the opportunity for better IT support in executing existing HR processes – how technology monitors HR, (5) why companies introduce HRIS, (6) information that HRIS must provide, (7) analytics in HR, (8) transform qualitative data into quantitative data (“language of numbers”) and (9) know the role of HR manager in an acquisition.

22.4. │2023.

HR Strategy

Individual units

  • Introduction to strategic HR
  • Strategic management
  • The internal structure of the HR function and organisation of HR processes
  • Balanced scorecard model

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to:  (1) analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different organizational schemes in the function of specific business processes, (2) analyse the role and positioning of the HRM function in organising business processes, (3) HR as a strategic partner – how the HR function participates in the realization of the business goals of the organization, the cooperation of the CEO and HR manager, (4) define the role of HR managers and management in executing the HR process and achieving strategic goals, (5) set frameworks for measuring the success of HR function and individual HR initiatives, (6) develop a budget and (7) link business and HR goals.

9. 9. │2023.

Internal Consultant Function, Business Ethics, Laws and Regulations

Individual units

  • Business ethics
  • Laws and ordinances
  • HR business partnering (internal consultant function)

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) answer managements’ and top managements’ main questions in the HRM process, (2) argument and eliminate the most common managerial mistakes in working with people, (3) evaluate the best approach to the role of an internal advisor on issues of varying complexity and background, (4) design and select the best HR business partnering model in their organization, (5) key roles of HR partners to create sustainable competitive advantage – the main focus is understanding the business and building relationships with the business, (6) balance the roles of the strategic management partner, employee representative, expert and participant in the matters of legal and administrative change, (7) awareness of the expertise/competencies of the HR department in the organization, (8) constructively participate in the change management process in the organization – initiate and implement – HR as a change agent, (9) identify laws that define the operation of the HRM function, (10) difference between employment contract, managerial contract, work contract, royalties, student contract, (11) define your role in the balance between employees and managers and know  (12) the importance of doing business in accordance with the values ​​and ways of achieving business goals for the credibility of the organization.

24.6. & 16.9. │2023.

Personal Development and Leading Others

Individual units

  • Leading self
  • Leading others
  • Emotional and social intelligence in a working environment
  • Conflict management
  • BELBIN® Team Roles

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) analyze their Belbin profile and their preferred team role and the importance of knowing team roles to function and manage their team or group dynamics, (2) their psychological type, their own managerial style, typical behaviours and reactions and the way one manages personal and professional life, (3) recognize the different forms of communication (their own and the other’s interlocutors), what are the elements of non-verbal communication and how to understand them, (4) how to manage and guide communication, not just respond, (5) the importance and application of emotional and social intelligence in the work environment, (6) how group processes work and how an individual functions in the group, (7) what are the most common causes of internal communication difficulties in the organization, principles and forms of internal communication, (8) what are conflicts, what types of conflicts exist, and what are the most common causes and consequences of conflicts among co-workers, in teams, departments and organizations and (9) how to successfully resolve conflicts, achieve compromise and collaboration, and how to prevent conflicts within the team and organization.


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Senior HR Consultant, SELECTIO

Tanja Prekodravac

As an Expert Advisor for Education and Human Resource Development, Tanja Prekodravac joined SELECTIO Group in 2006 as the Career Day Project Manager. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and continues her education in the field of human resource management and development, as well as in therapy work. She has completed further education in the field of stress and burnout, crisis intervention, communication, family mediation, group leadership, etc. She has completed education in Gestalt psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and coaching.

Her professional experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as project consulting and certification within the Employer Partner certicate project.

Tanja worked on the development, implementation and coordination of many training programs in Croatia. She has held many lectures and workshops in the field of communication and presentation skills, teamwork, time management, professional stress, motivation, psychological testing, etc., for individuals, groups, institutions and organisations, as well as participated in the implementation of advisory work with youth and adults.

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Head of Assessment Development, SELECTIO

Marina Čović

After working in primary health care institutions in Occupational Medicine and the Service for Psychiatry and Neurology, Marina joined the SELECTIO Group as the Development Manager of the Assessment Center. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, where she did research in the field of health psychology. Over the years, she gained experience working with oncology patients in the departments of pediatrics and counseling children and parents, and posesses 1st degree from Croatian Association for Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy.


In the SELECTIO Group, he works on assessment projects for the development and selection purposes of employees and candidates. Develops, implements and evaluates assessment and development centers and optimizes their application. She fulfills her affinity for counseling in employee support programs and through career counseling. She held workshops and trainings on dealing with stress, adapting to changes, and communication and self-presentation skills.


She is a member of the certification team on the Employer Partner project, thanks to which she has a good insight into the practices of numerous international and domestic organizations for which she evaluates the success of the HR system. She finds the greatest interest in the development of employees and their well-being.

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Managing Partner, SELECTIO

Aleksandar Zemunić

Proud of the opportunity to grow and develop alongside the SELECTIO Group, a leading consulting company in human resources management, Aleksandar Zemunić has been collaborating with an exceptional team of HR professionals who have successfully completed some of the most significant projects for the domestic labor market for 20 years. He earned a master's degree in Human Resource Management from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and a bachelor's degree in Financial Management from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Osijek. He is a lecturer on numerous HR topics, a licensed BELBIN® team roles methodology advisor, and a certifier of excellence in human resource management as part of the Employer Partner project. He is also a recipient of the Chevening scholarship, administered by the British Council. His areas of expertise include organizational and personnel analysis, human resource management strategy, competency systems, performance management, motivation and rewards, as well as employee recruitment and selection.

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Head of Organizational Development and Consulting, SELECTIO

Martina Udovičić

Martina has a master's degree in psychology from the Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Zagreb and holds an MBA from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. She has extensive experience in human resource management and business development. In the consultant firm SELECTIO she is responsible for the branches of business that include HR consulting, education and development, HR revision and certification.

Projects of importance include HR audit, organisational development, management assessment and building leadership capacity in organisations such as Abbvie, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Erste bank, Heineken, Hekel, INA, Infobip, LIDL, Philip Morris International, Pliva, Procter&Gamble, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Molson Coors, etc.

As a team lead of the Department of organizational design and development, Martina's goal is to develop solutions that meet actual needs of companies. Over the last ten years she has been developing and improving the global flagship project Employer Partner certificate which represents the standard of excellence in human resource management.

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