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The only program on the market that provides knowledge for building a high-quality HR system.

The SELECTIO HR Academy, since its founding in 2009, has educated over 400 HR professionals from some of the most renowned organizations in Croatia. It is now also available through an interactive online platform, allowing easy access to materials and sharing experiences. Through a practical and interactive approach, the modules follow the "employee life cycle", providing knowledge and tools necessary for HR generalists. The content is created based on the best global practices and recommendations from consultants who have conducted 20,000 evaluations of HR systems through the Employer Partner certification. All participants have access to useful HR templates and roadmaps that accompany each module, enabling plug-and-play applications in any organization.


The most sought-after program for developing HR professionals.

  • Learning from the best HR consultants in the market who have conducted over 20,000 HR system evaluations
  • Useful materials that can be applied in practice immediately after completing the program
  • A certificate issued by the most renowned HR consulting organization in Croatia
  • An opportunity for independent development of a complete HR system using a virtual company as an example
  • Know-how for setting up HR practices according to the standards prescribed by the Employer Partner certification
  • Guest lectures by relevant business speakers who understand how to integrate business with HR

Lecture Schedule

Group open for applications

22.5. │2024.

Attract & Hire

  • What are the key steps in setting up a hiring strategy?
  • How to attract quality employees and what challenges should we be prepared for?
  • How to choose the right candidate and select tests for the selection process?
  • How to set employer branding goals and define value propositions?


Onboard & Develop

  • What are the objectives of the onboarding process and how to set it up?
  • How to establish a competency model?
  • How to define an individual development plan?
  • What is a “learning organization”?

18.9. │2024.

Engage & Inspire

  • How to measure job performance?
  • How to measure organizational climate and culture?
  • How to establish a feedback culture?
  • How to create an internal communication plan?

16.10. │2024.

Transform & Grow

  • What does effective change management mean?
  • How to implement talent management systems?
  • What is succession planning?
  • How to establish a career management process?

13.11. │2024.

Retain & Empower

  • How to manage well-being and employee retention?
  • What are the key elements of a rewards system and how to manage benefits?
  • What are the features of successfully implemented recognition programs?
  • How to care for diversity, equality, and inclusion?

4.12. │2024.

Offboard & Rehire

  • What role does HR play in the restructuring process?
  • What is the offboarding process and how to implement it?
  • What do outplacement programs and career counseling encompass?
  • Laws, regulations, and business ethics


HR Strategy

  • How to define HR strategy and monitor its implementation?
  • How to build a partnership with key stakeholders?
  • What is the importance of metrics in HR?
  • How to invest in strengthening internal HR capacity?


Wrap Up: Case Study Presentation


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Recruitment and Selection Project Manager / HR consultant, SELECTIO

Ivana Matijević

As a graduate psychologist, Ivana joined SELECTIO Group in 2015, where she had the opportunity to work on recruitment and selection projects for numerous renowned organizations. During her tenure, Ivana successfully led and executed numerous complex candidate searches across various profiles and levels of responsibility. Her clients include some of the most well-known and successful domestic and international companies, such as Heineken, Coca Cola, IKEA, Hrvatski Telekom, Pliva, and Podravka.

Ivana’s extensive experience working on the Employer Partner certification consulting project has served as an excellent platform for gaining deeper insights into labor markets and understanding the quality of HR processes in both foreign and domestic companies. Additionally, Ivana works as a trainer, having had the opportunity to create transformational educational programs related to leadership skills development for large B2B projects, involving over 300 managers.

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Senior HR Consultant, SELECTIO

Tanja Prekodravac

As an Expert Advisor for Education and Human Resource Development, Tanja Prekodravac joined SELECTIO Group in 2006 as the Career Day Project Manager. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and continues her education in the field of human resource management and development, as well as in therapy work. She has completed further education in the field of stress and burnout, crisis intervention, communication, family mediation, group leadership, etc. She has completed education in Gestalt psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and coaching.

Her professional experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as project consulting and certification within the Employer Partner certicate project.

Tanja worked on the development, implementation and coordination of many training programs in Croatia. She has held many lectures and workshops in the field of communication and presentation skills, teamwork, time management, professional stress, motivation, psychological testing, etc., for individuals, groups, institutions and organisations, as well as participated in the implementation of advisory work with youth and adults.

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Managing Partner, SELECTIO

Aleksandar Zemunić

Proud of the opportunity to grow and develop alongside the SELECTIO Group, a leading consulting company in human resources management, Aleksandar Zemunić has been collaborating with an exceptional team of HR professionals who have successfully completed some of the most significant projects for the domestic labor market for 20 years. He earned a master's degree in Human Resource Management from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and a bachelor's degree in Financial Management from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Osijek. He is a lecturer on numerous HR topics, a licensed BELBIN® team roles methodology advisor, and a certifier of excellence in human resource management as part of the Employer Partner project. He is also a recipient of the Chevening scholarship, administered by the British Council. His areas of expertise include organizational and personnel analysis, human resource management strategy, competency systems, performance management, motivation, and rewards, as well as employee recruitment and selection.

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Head of Organizational Development and Consulting, SELECTIO

Martina Udovičić

Martina has a master's degree in psychology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and holds an MBA from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. She has extensive experience in human resource management and business development. In the consultant firm SELECTIO she is responsible for the branches of business that include HR consulting, education and development, HR revision, and certification.

Projects of importance include HR audit, organizational development, management assessment, and building leadership capacity in organizations such as Abbvie, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Erste bank, Heineken, Hekel, INA, Infobip, LIDL, Philip Morris International, Pliva, Procter&Gamble, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Molson Coors, etc.

As a team lead of the Department of Organizational Development and Consulting, Martina's goal is to develop solutions that meet the actual needs of companies. Over the last ten years, she has been developing and improving the global flagship project Employer Partner certificate which represents the standard of excellence in human resource management.

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Upon completion of the SELECTIO HR Academy, each participant receives a certificate issued by SELECTIO Group, the largest and most renowned company for consulting in human resources.


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