about the program

The first program for HR specialists

SELECTIO HR Academy is the first and most well-known program for the development of HR professionals that provides skills for successfully dealing with challenges in the HR world. Through exercises that encourage active participation and with the help of HR experts, you will learn how to successfully manage talent and how to adapt HR practices to frequent changes. The topics are designed according to the best global HR practices and can be enrolled individually.



What can you expect?

  • experienced lecturers with extensive experience
  • proven results in practice
  • real business examples 
  • practical tasks
  • tools for dealing with the challenges
  • individual approach and group work
  • networking and exchange of experiences
  • analysis of the techniques used in your work environment

Modul 1

Recruitment and Selection

Individual units

  • Workplace analysis and job analysis
  • Recruitment and pre-selection
  • Selection
  • Post-selection process
  • Tools
  • Psychological testing in selection
  • Mobile recruiting and social platforms
  • Selection process and employment of persons with disabilities
  • Employer branding

At the end of this module, attendees will know how to: (1) plan and implement the process of creating and/or updating job descriptions, (2) argument the need to update job descriptions in the context of changing the way work is organized (job enlargement and enrichment at all levels) and analyse the applicability of different approaches, (3) evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of different recruitment channels, depending on the specific circumstances, (4) what psychological tests to use and for what purposes, (5) prepare and conduct a structured interview, (6) evaluate/select the employee(s) that best meet the job requirements, (7) define legal, ethical and cultural constraints in the selection process and (8) learns the importance and application of employer branding in the recruitment and selection process. 

Modul 2

Performance Management

Individual units

  • Competencies, expectations and work standards
  • Work allocation
  • Work assessment models
  • Advantages and shortcomings of different assessment models
  • Setting and evaluating goals
  • Difficulties in introducing the process of performance management and how to avoid them – employees and managers
  • The role of HR departments in introducing and implementing performance management
  • Provision of feedback on employees’ work

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) design and implement a process for defining key and specific competencies, (2) analyse the usefulness of defining key competencies in relation to a model of the job role or some other job description upgrade models, (3) argument the decision on the content and dynamics of a performance management system appropriate to the particular work environment, (4) set targets and goals according to the SMART criteria, (5) determine how the process of goal setting encourages behaviours consistent with organizational culture and business ethics, (6) argument the decision on the link between performance management and reward systems and lastly, (7) organize a process of regularly giving feedback to the employee on his or her work performance

Modul 3

Employee Development

Individual units

  • Analysis of development needs
  • Talent management
  • 360º feedback
  • Succession planning
  • Learning organisation
  • The mentoring system
  • Job introduction and onboarding
  • Discrimination and diversity management in the organisation
  • Career counselling and outplacement

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) define the system of individual development of employees in such a way that the needs of the business, individual desires and potential for further development are equally satisfied, (2) define key elements in talent assessment, talent development management system and talent retention, (3) establish a talent assessment system based on information received from many different sources, (4) develop a system for managing talents’ expectations in their long-term development, (5) create a “talent magnet” culture in the organization as a competitive advantage, (6) argument potential obstacles in implementing successor planning system, (7) define a system that clearly distinguishes professional and managerial advancement, (8) assess the cost and value of individual development methods, (9) develop a training catalogue and budget, (10) basics of facilitation techniques – Art of hosting, (11) the importance and manner of managing diversity in the organization, (12) identify and prevent discriminatory behaviours in the organization and (13) what is outplacement and when and how to arrange it. 

Modul 4

Rewards, Internal Communication and Organisational Culture

Individual units

  • Rewarding and motivating employees
  • Employee retention
  • Internal communication
  • Organisational culture
  • Measuring employee satisfaction – engagement
  • Takeovers, acquisitions and changes in organisational culture
  • Finance for non-financial professionals: salaries and bonuses, and how to read financial statements

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) define and evaluate the value of the various elements of the reward system, (2) what does (not) motivate employees and how, (3) the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, extraverted and introverted behaviour, (4) the difference between material and intangible rewards and when to use them – the link between motivation and reward, (5) argue the content and dynamics of the rewards system tailored for the particular work environment, (6) argument differences in the remuneration of experts and managers, (7) define channels, responsibilities and approaches to manage internal communication, (8) design an approach to examining organizational culture in their work environment, (9) evaluate how well the core values ​​of their organizational culture are in line with their business goals, (10) use employee satisfaction research as a diagnosis of an organization’s “blood count” and organizational culture as a lever to achieve company goals, (11) how to read financial statements and (12) he total cost of wages and salaries of the employees.

Modul 5

HR Audit and HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

Individual units

  • HR audit
  • HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
  • Due diligence

At the end of this module you will know how to: (1) critically and diagnostically examine the existing HR system in your organization, assess the appropriateness and expectations of change implementation – based on the Employer Partner Certificate methodology, (2) argument the applicability of different models of HR practices in a specific work environment, (3) assess the strategic importance of a particular HR initiative in your organization, (4) evaluate the opportunity for better IT support in executing existing HR processes – how technology monitors HR, (5) why companies introduce HRIS, (6) information that HRIS must provide, (7) analytics in HR, (8) transform qualitative data into quantitative data (“language of numbers”) and (9) know the role of HR manager in an acquisition.

Modul 6

HR Strategy

Individual units

  • Introduction to strategic HR
  • Strategic management
  • The internal structure of the HR function and organisation of HR processes
  • Balanced scorecard model

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to:  (1) analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different organizational schemes in the function of specific business processes, (2) analyse the role and positioning of the HRM function in organising business processes, (3) HR as a strategic partner – how the HR function participates in the realization of the business goals of the organization, the cooperation of the CEO and HR manager, (4) define the role of HR managers and management in executing the HR process and achieving strategic goals, (5) set frameworks for measuring the success of HR function and individual HR initiatives, (6) develop a budget and (7) link business and HR goals.

Modul 7

Business Ethics, Laws and Regulations, HR Business Partnering (internal consultant function)

Individual units

  • Business ethics
  • Laws and ordinances
  • HR business partnering (internal consultant function)

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) answer managements’ and top managements’ main questions in the HRM process, (2) argument and eliminate the most common managerial mistakes in working with people, (3) evaluate the best approach to the role of an internal advisor on issues of varying complexity and background, (4) design and select the best HR business partnering model in their organization, (5) key roles of HR partners to create sustainable competitive advantage – the main focus is understanding the business and building relationships with the business, (6) balance the roles of the strategic management partner, employee representative, expert and participant in the matters of legal and administrative change, (7) awareness of the expertise/competencies of the HR department in the organization, (8) constructively participate in the change management process in the organization – initiate and implement – HR as a change agent, (9) identify laws that define the operation of the HRM function, (10) difference between employment contract, managerial contract, work contract, royalties, student contract, (11) define your role in the balance between employees and managers and know  (12) the importance of doing business in accordance with the values ​​and ways of achieving business goals for the credibility of the organization.

Modul 8

Personal Development – Leading self and leading others

Individual units

  • Leading self
  • Leading others
  • Emotional and social intelligence in a working environment
  • Conflict management
  • BELBIN ® Team Roles

At the end of this module, SELECTIO HR Academy attendees will know how to: (1) analyze their Belbin profile and their preferred team role and the importance of knowing team roles to function and manage their team or group dynamics, (2) their psychological type, their own managerial style, typical behaviours and reactions and the way one manages personal and professional life, (3) recognize the different forms of communication (their own and the other’s interlocutors), what are the elements of non-verbal communication and how to understand them, (4) how to manage and guide communication, not just respond, (5) the importance and application of emotional and social intelligence in the work environment, (6) how group processes work and how an individual functions in the group, (7) what are the most common causes of internal communication difficulties in the organization, principles and forms of internal communication, (8) what are conflicts, what types of conflicts exist, and what are the most common causes and consequences of conflicts among co-workers, in teams, departments and organizations and (9) how to successfully resolve conflicts, achieve compromise and collaboration, and how to prevent conflicts within the team and organization.

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Director of Organisational Design and Development, SELECTIO Ltd.

Tanja Prekodravac

As an Expert Advisor for Education and Human Resource Development, Tanja Prekodravac joined SELECTIO Group in 2006 as the Career Day Project Manager. She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and continues her education in the field of human resource management and development, as well as in therapy work. She has completed further education in the field of stress and burnout, crisis intervention, communication, family mediation, group leadership, etc. She is currently completing a graduate course in Gestalt psychotherapy and body psychotherapy.

Her professional experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as project consulting and certification within the Employer Partner Certificate project.

Tanja worked on the development, implementation and coordination of many training programs in Croatia. She has held many lectures and workshops in the field of communication and presentation skills, teamwork, time management, professional stress, motivation, psychological testing, etc., for individuals, groups, institutions and organisations, as well as participated in the implementation of advisory work with youth and adults.

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Director of SELECTIO Ltd.

Aleksandar Zemunić

Aleksandar Zemunić has been an employee of SELECTIO Group since 2003. As Director of the company SELECTIO KADROVI Ltd., he is currently responsible for all business functions, as well as the development of recruitment and selection services, managing the recruitment team and key projects as well as advising clients on all matters in the field of human resource management. His fields of expertise encompass organisational and personnel analysis, assessment of an organisation’s key potential, human resource management strategies, competencies system, managing work performance, motivation and rewards, recruitment and employee selection, etc. He participates in business development, planning and financial analyses. Aleksandar also lectures various HR modules and is a licensed advisor of Belbin Team Roles methodology, as well as a certifier of excellence in human resource management.

Aleksandar holds a master’s degree in human resource management from Cardiff University where he graduated with a distinction for his masters’ thesis ‘High Performance Work Practices in the Financial Services Sector’. He was a recipient of the Chevening scholarship, ‘UK government’s flagship scholarship scheme’ funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and managed by British Council. He graduated in financial management at the Faculty of Economics, University of J.J. Strossmayer, Osijek.

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RRiF College of Financial Management

Jasna Vuk

Jasna Vuk has been working as a Lecturer at the RRiF College of Financial Management since 2007. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and also holds a chartered accountant designation. 

Jasna started her career at the company AMBRA where she was employed as a Director and Manager of Finance and Accounting. Subsequently, she worked as a teacher of economics at Benedikt Kotruljević High School. She has gained rich experience in the education field and participated in the project of introducing training companies to the education system of secondary schools of economics. Her articles are regularly published in the RRiF magazine (accounting, audit and finance). She also runs seminars on accounting and tax.

Her professional experience comprises the fields of accounting and tax.

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HR Manager – Digital Transformation, IKEA Group

Mirta Šalamon

Mirta Šalamon holds a master’s degree in English and American studies from Karl Franzens University, Graz, Austria. She has attended numerous national and international training courses in the field of human resources, management and communication. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London, UK.

Mirta entered the field of human resources in 2003 at Compass Group International (until 2006 a subsidiary of Compass Group plc, UK) and continued after joining Tele2 in 2005, and then IKEA Group in 2017.

She possesses experience in all areas of human resources, both on a strategic and operational level.

Tele2 Ltd. Zagreb was awarded Certificate Employer Partner for excellence in human resource management.

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HR consultant, trainer and coach, Točka promjene Ltd.

Jasminka Mužinić Sabol

Jasminka Mužinić Sabol is a psychologist. Today, she works at the company Točka promjene Ltd. where she leads interesting and innovative organisational psychology programs for teams and organisations – customer relations, internal communication, executive coaching, stress and work-life balance. In her work, she incorporates her knowledge of psychology, organisational experience and rich experience in consulting and training management teams.

Part of her professional history is forming and leading technical support, call centre and customer support teams at Iskon Internet, one of the biggest Croatian internet providers. From the outset, she worked on developing the organisation, business culture, standards and quality of communication. She feels she finalised her work there in the inspired leading of ISO 9001:2000 standards implementation.

After Iskon, she worked with many clients on improving the quality of their relationships with customers: call centres, complaint handling, communication styles with clients through key channels, customer service processes and CRM.

She has personally had experience in start-up and intensive entrepreneurial projects. She has attended many courses on the topics of CRM, human resource management, management skills, organisational communication, organisational constellations and so forth.

Jasminka is currently completing a four-year postgraduate study of Gestalt therapy (Institut fur Integrative Gestalttherapie Würzburg).

Her development in business follows her interests: applying business psychology, development of quality, building awareness and creativity. She is as curious as her young son and loves to google.

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Interim CEO advisor for OD and HR, NEXE Group

Marija Felkel

Marija Felkel is a HR expert with more than 20 years of international experience in high-tech innovative industries. She is an authority on human resources with excellent knowledge of global trends. She is experienced in business tasks and projects at the highest management level and acts as a strategic partner to the business for the HR area.

Throughout her long career in international companies Siemens and HT, she paid special attention to the identification and development of corporate and local talent, the creation of a successful partnership between the business and the human resources function and the management of organisational culture in organisations that provide the best employee experience.

Under her leadership, as a member of the Board and the General Director for Human Resources at HT Group (a position she held until January 2019), a large number of successful projects in the field of human resources were realised. These projects helped HT Group occupy a significant and recognisable place in the labour market.

Marija now uses the experience gained in international companies in Croatia for the development and implementation of best practices of organisational development and human resources for the NEXE group of companies.

She is exceptionally active in the promotion of STEM and in working with youth, cooperation with colleges, secondary and elementary schools to emphasise the importance of education and continuous development. She is a great advocate for the equality of women in the business world and equal representation in managerial positions as well as a great promoter of modesty and humbleness in leadership.

She is an active member of HR associations, a lecturer at HR conferences and participant of roundtables regarding organisational development and human resources.

Marija won the Prometheus HR Manager of the Year award in 2016, which is the largest vocational recognition in Croatia.

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Executive Coach and Trainer, Organisational Development Consultant

Adrijana Strnad

Adrijana Strnad obtained her coaching degree in London at Coach U ( programs for corporate coaching, where she completed her postgraduate education in the field of coaching in an organisational setting. She is an active ICF member and contributor to several international networks of trainers and organisational development consultants.

As a graduate engineer of industrial electronics, she has completed her postgraduate study of business management (DSM) at FER in Zagreb, as well as several international management development and training programs and personal and organisational development programs.

She bases her training approach on nearly 15 years of experience in leading highly motivated teams in a rapidly growing corporate environment, predominantly in the telecommunications and ICT industries (marketing and communications, organisational development, business support functions).

She specialised in working with teams and middle and senior management in transition – a field of application of coaching practice Adrijana also discusses at international professional conferences.

Favourite topics – motivation, performance management, leadership (personal and organisational leadership), coaching skills for managers and coaches.

She is enthusiastically exploring team dynamics and promoting a transformational approach to leadership.

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Regional HR Director and Senior HR Business Partner, Atlantic Group

Ana Marušić

Ana Marušić has more than 17 years of experience in the field of human resources, with excellent knowledge of business in an FMCG environment and production companies. Through developing the HR function, she was developing personally, most notably through the processes of transition and transformation of the human resources function during the acquisition and merger of companies and in managing teams and HR projects at the local and corporate level. She has previously gained experience in the field of marketing, and at the beginning of the career in various jobs within Croatian Radio-Television. She is driven by values related to the humanistic approach of addressing business challenges and the concept of lifelong learning.

She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where she further educated herself in the field of organisational psychology as part of her postgraduate studies.

Ana is currently in the position of Regional HR Director and Senior HR Business Partner at Atlantic Group.

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Director and owner of consulting firm Pilgrim Ltd.

Jasmina Sočković

Jasmina Sočković is the owner of a private consulting company, Pilgrim Ltd., and worked as Director of SELECTIO Ltd. She is a frequent lecturer at conferences and seminars on subjects from the field of human resource management and social psychology. Within the scope of the Croatian Enterprise Promotion (CEP) project, and in cooperation with the Association of Management Consultants, she developed a training program for future human resources consultants.

She was also the Employer Partner Certificate Project Manager, within which SELECTIO Group’s team developed methodology and standards for evaluation of an organisation’s excellence in human resource management. The methodology developed for this project, continuously upgraded by certifications in the best Croatian organisations, provides the use of the Employer Partner Certificate as a quality tool for evaluation, design and implementation of human resource management processes. The Certificate has been awarded to some of the most successful Croatian companies of our time

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HR and OD Strategy Advisor, Orgnostic

Luka Babić

Luka Babić was admitted to Harvard University to study molecular biology, developed a passion for neurobiology along the way, and ended up graduating in psychology. Work with late Professor J. Richard Hackman, a social and organisational psychologist from Harvard Business School and Harvard Psychology Department, inspired him to further explore the field of I/O psychology. After being admitted to MSc studies in theoretical psychoanalysis at UCL, he shifted his career towards the IT business and started working at a startup called Infobip.

During his career, Luka has developed and coordinated teams tasked with improving talent acquisition, employer branding, performance and rewards systems, learning and development, people tools and analytics, as well as employee experience and core administrative HR processes.

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Head of Human Resources, AKD d.o.o.

Danijela Thür

During her studies, she volunteered at the Society for Psychological Assistance where she learned the basics of counselling work. She further developed her skills through a series of training in the field of human resources management in Croatia and abroad and relevant trainings in the field of managerial skills development.

She completed a year-long education for business coach and NLP practitioner.

She gained work experience in private and public sector on management positions where she set up and developed human resources departments.

Professional experience includes HRM strategies, recruitment and selection, performance management, rewarding and motivation, career management and education.

She is a member of management board at U4hr association. She is a lecturer on in-house and open educational programs in the field of human resources management and a certifier in the project “Certificate Employer Partner”.Danijela Thür graduated in social work at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. She has years of management experience, has established and developed HR departments in several companies, and currently holds the position of HR Manager at AKD Ltd.

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Human Resources and Organisational Development Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages International

Hrvoje Makvić

Hrvoje Makvić, MSc., prof. has an educational background as a social pedagogue with further specialisation in human resource management and psychology of education at the State University of New York (SUNY, USA). He is currently employed as a Human Resources and Organisational Development Advisor on a continental (European) level of an international organisation – SOS Children’s Villages International (with a focus on 25 countries and 5000 employees). Hrvoje is a leader of international/global projects (135 countries around the world; 35 000 employees) from the area of human resources and is a licenced expert for HR strategy development (from a core idea, process design to implementation).

Hrvoje has extensive experience as an advisor for national organisations, teams and individuals for business communication topics – client relations, formal and informal internal communication, efficient stress management, work-life balance and HROD cycle (from recruitment and selection, performance and engagement management, compensation systems to models for finalising careers).

In his work he uses and connects complementary knowledge from social pedagogy, NLPt psychotherapy, neurology (neurofeedback and biofeedback), transactional analysis, numerous training modules from the human resources field as well as comprehensive international experience in conducting training and working in multidisciplinary teams, groups and individuals (1-on-1).

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HR Development Advisor, Točka promjene Ltd.

Jasminka Jelčić

Jasminka Jelčić is a psychologist with 15 years of experience in the field of HR development. She is part of the Točka promjene team on projects in the area of ​​employee development, teams and increasing the overall development potential of organisations. After becoming an independent consultant in 2002, she gained diverse experience in the field of professional and personal development and training, change management and facilitation of the process of reorganising several medium and large business systems on the Croatian market.

She started her professional development during her psychology studies working on the project Psychosocial Assistance to Exiles. She gained business experience and knowledge in the field of human resource management and development while employed by some of the leading companies in Croatia. At Agrokor she worked on the development of a selection system, professional development of employees and coordination of HR services for Group members. Likewise, at Plivashe was responsible for coordination of the recruitment of new employees and members of the professional development team, during which time she developed and introduced innovations in employee selection and assessment of employee potential. At Europapress Holding, she worked in the areas of management development, organisational development and change management.

Jasminka is consistently orientated towards achieving the potential of applying psychology in different domains of human life and empowering psychologists to work together in this way. In designing and implementing projects, she is ready to boldly question personal and corporate myths. She is excited and inspired by educating future colleagues for whom she conducts the course Organisational Psychology in Practice at the Faculty of Croatian Studies. She approaches each situation through the perspective of development, creation of new space, perspectives and solutions. In her work, as well as in her family, she learns and practices how to strike a healthy balance of different life roles and priorities. Her particular passion is to drive change with the aim of creating an atmosphere that releases and nurtures confidence and creativity.

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MBA, Compliance Officer; Head of Compliance Section, Hrvatski Telekom d.d.

Vinko Berković

Mr. Berković has over 15 years of experience in diverse positions at major companies, including as a Project Manager, Corporate Lawyer and Team Manager. He was accepted as a mediator at different institutions and as the judge of honour and arbitrator at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. He is certified as an Internal Quality Auditor for different ISO standards. He has experience as an internal trainer for a number of business fields. He is a member of the Lawyer’s Club at the Croatian Employer’s Association and President of the Association of Corporate Lawyers.

As Head of Tender Office at Croatian Telecom Inc., he was providing support, coordination and consulting regarding public procurement, EU funds usage, special projects and MNC activities within the company. Before that, he was working in HR for 5 years at the same company in various HR projects (HRM, HR strategy, compensation and benefits, etc.) as a legal advisor/ labour law expert and representing the company in court.

During his professional career, he represented the company in a court of law (litigations), dealt with bankruptcy proceedings, real estate law, enforcement procedures and contractual relations.

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HR Director, Tele2

Željka Košanski

Željka Košanski graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Zagreb. Through her education, she was certified as a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming and has undergone various training courses in the field of human resource development and leadership skills.

Since completing her studies, she has worked in the field of human resource management, where she has gained exposure to various components including employment planning and implementation, employee training, rewards systems,  performance and talent management, implementation of human resource management information systems and various aspects in the field of labour relations

She gained her first experience at Transforma Ltd., a company dedicated to personal and leadership development, after which she transferred to Siemens AG in Atos IT Solutions and Services Ltd., a result of the separation of an organisational unit from Siemens. It was there that she built and managed the human resources department. She is currently employed at Tele2 Ltd. where she works as Head of Human Resources.

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General Manager / President of the Management Board, TIA Partner Ltd.

Ivan Bilać

Ivan Bilać started his career at Zagrebačka pivovara working as a Sales Representative in 2007. After two years, he assumed the role of Sales Trainer and with that, responsibility for functional development within the sales department and implementation of the coaching model.  Subsequently, he was promoted to the role of the Learning Specialist supervising all internal and external training activities for all employees.

In 2012, he took over the role of HR Development Manager where he was responsible for performance management, succession planning and talent planning processes. In April 2013, he became HR Director for Croatia & Bosnia overseeing all HR activities.

From August 2014, he worked as Global Commercial Excellence Learning Manager tasked to design, develop and implement a global commercial excellence academy within Molson Coors, and in 2015, he also held the position of Global HR Director Commercial Excellence. In 2016, he transferred to Zagrebačka pivovara to become Regional Sales Manager, after which he took the role of General Manager/President of the Management Board at TIA Partner Ltd.

Ivan graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and majored in organisation and management with continuous development in the human resource management area. He is an internal coach and HR business partner to the commercial part of the organisation. Zagrebačka pivovara holds Certificate Employer Partner status.

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Senior Performance Management Specialist, European Investment Bank

Mirjana Kačavenda

Mirjana Kačavenda is a human resource professional with extensive work experience. Her career prior to HR includes working for NGOs on psychosocial assistance projects supporting displaced families. She has also worked in the pharmaceutical, publishing and telecommunications industry where she gained broad experience in various HR functions ranging from recruitment to rewards systems and performance management, HR information systems, talent management and OD interventions.

Since 2004, Mirjana has been employed by the World Bank as a member of the Europe and Central Asia regional HR team responsible for overall HR support to eight WB offices in the region.

Enthusiastic about teamwork in the workplace, she uses the team and work role concept developed by prof. Meredith Belbin in her everyday work.

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People Operations Vertical Lead, Infobip

Bruna Kostelac Košir

Bruna Kostelac Košir graduated in economics, majoring in macroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb. As a student, she was an active member of the eSTUDENT Student Association and a Team Leader for international cooperation. During her studies, she gained interest in the field of human resources while leading an intellectual capital promotion project in collaboration with the Swedish LUND Institute, Lund University. Together with prof. Leif Edvinsson she organised the first summer intellectual capital school in Dubrovnik in 2006, and since then it has been held every year in June.

She began her career at Megatrend Ltd., first as an HR consultant, and then took over the position of Human Resources Manager for the Megatrend Group. In addition to the HR function, she also developed the HR Business Intelligence model for more efficient human capital management and continued the search for a useful application of intellectual capital theory. Bruna also held the position of Director of Human Resource Management for SD Refinery & Marketing at INA.

Areas of particular interest are defining HR KPIs for human capital management, defining a “learning organisation and its structure”, knowledge management and knowledge sharing and IT support for a modern approach to human resource management.

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Executive Director Human Resources, Atlantic Grupa

Mojca Domiter

Mojca Domiter graduated from the Department of Psychology, University of Rijeka and has completed a one-year education in neurolinguistic programming as well as training for trainers. She has participated in numerous international training programs in the areas of human resource management and customer service management.

During her career, Mojca has worked in various fields and industries: services, marketing and sales, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. She spent the longest period of time in the telecommunications industry, working in management roles in customer service and then as Head of Human Resource Management. She is currently Executive Director of Human Resources at Atlantic Group.

She has very practical experience in implementing competency-based HRM, total reward (compensation) approach, education and development strategy, performance management as well as talent management processes. In addition to her experience in organisations, Mojca has also worked as a moderator/trainer in several different areas: communication skills, personal effectiveness, gender roles, strategic planning and the importance of measuring the effectiveness of human resource management.

Mojca has experience in all HRM processes at both strategic and operational levels.

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People and Culture Manager, Philip Morris Zagreb Ltd.

Nikolina Sertić

Nikolina Sertić completed her MS degree in service leadership and innovation at RIT Croatia with a concentration in human resources. Over the years, she has completed a series of training courses and certifications related to the profession and is a certified MBTI trainer. Nikolina gained her teaching experience through delivering training courses in human resources. She is a human resource development expert with years of professional experience from various countries inside and outside the EU. During her career, she has worked in a variety of human resources fields, some of which include: employment planning and implementation, employer branding, reward systems, performance management and employee development. Her current responsibilities are to plan, develop and manage the implementation of comprehensive and effective guidelines that support the business strategy and organisational culture to enable effective management, development of the organisation and human resources. Nikolina believes that good team management through inclusion and diversity is the key to every company’s success.

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Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, Next Level Factory & Cambridge Innovative System Solutions Ltd.

Snježana Šlabek

Snježana Šlabek is an expert in the field of digital and innovative organisational culture. As an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, with a long-standing corporate HR career, Snježana assists organisations in implementing innovation transformation, digital learning and knowledge management. Snježana successfully combines the leadership of people with digital technologies and prepares human resources for changes in the organisation.

She has won numerous international and domestic awards, and through her many years of corporate experience in an international corporation, has worked in HR and global business development as a leader in knowledge management, e-learning, HR digital transformation projects and innovation. As a computer engineer, she built her career in HR by changing processes and introducing new practices using digital technologies. She has acquired several additional certificates and specialisations in the profession; Snježana is a certified trainer, knowledge manager, project manager and NLP practitioner.

For two years in a row, she has been on the UK’s “Movers and shakers” list as one of the 100 most influential people in the field of organisational digital learning and knowledge management (2016, 2017). She has launched and chaired four international corporate e-learning conferences in the “Knowledge in focus” business environment (2012-2016) and led the project of organising the “Learning Disruption” conference (2019). For projects in the field of knowledge, ideas and innovation management, she has twice won the “Best HR Practices” award. She is the winner of the Future Leaders Award for Human Resources (WiA). As an assistant and mentor, she collaborates with business schools and universities in Croatia and Slovenia. She gave a lecture on TED X on the topic of business culture gaming.

She started and runs the Academy for the Application of Gaming, and Motivation 3.0 in organisations called “No game, no gain”. She is the co-founder and partner of Culture4Innovation at Cambridge Innovative System Solutions, Ltd. (, an international company specialising in the development of innovative organisational culture and is the owner of the Next Level Factory digital learning company (

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Global Segregation of Duties Manager, Schneider Electric

Martina Nojić

Before joining Schneider Electric Ltd., Martina Nojić was a Senior Associate at Deloitte’s Financial Advisory Services in Zagreb. Within the corporate finance team, she was involved in buy-side and sell-side mandates, mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The most significant projects included financial due diligence of Splitska banka, Banka Sonic, Kreditna banka, Hrvatska poštanska banka, Croatia osiguranje, Opportunity Bank Montenegro, Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Tus Telekom and Hypo Leasing;preparation of the first private-public partnership between Orco and Sunčani Hvar; advisory services to INA during the second phase of the privatisation process and optimisation of the business premises portfolio of FINA. Martina performed several research projects on mortgage, real estate, insurance and banking markets. She holds an MA in economics and is currently completing an MBA study at the University of Durham in the UK. At Schneider Electric she held the position of Regional CFO for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia and works there today as Global Segregation of Duties Manager.

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Human Resources Director, RTL Hrvatska

Tina Martinis Miletić

Throughout her professional career, Tina Martinis Miletić has gained the majority of her experience in the field of organisational psychology. She has worked in both a domestic and international organisational environment. Working as a consultant and trainer, she delivered open courses and in-house workshops for private and public organisations in various industry sectors. Among other topics, she delivered training for the development of management skills, communication, teamwork and workshops for improvement of presentation skills.

She is experienced in executing selection processes and assessments for employee potential as well as in creating a strategy for talent management and continuous development of employees and managers. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of performance management and reward systems for different levels and job types in a large telecommunication company. She participated significantly in the change management process during the merger of two large companies. She has worked as a generalist responsible for developing and managing the HR function at the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Tina graduated as a Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and mastered at the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb as a postgraduate specialist in organisation and management. She has attended a number of individual and group training programs and courses in HR management, presentation skills, leadership and people development.

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Professor and consultant for accounting and taxes, RRiF

Anja Božina

Since 2005, Anja Božina has been working as a Lecturer at RRIF College for Financial Management, as well as a consultant for accounting, audit and finance at RRIF group and regularly attends specialised professional seminars in the fields of tax and accounting as a lecturer. She continuously publishes articles in a monthly accounting, audit and finance journal issued by RRIF.

During her university studies, Anja started her career at Kerametal Ltd. and Ball Ltd. where she was working on various accounting assignments.

After graduating from the University of Economics and Business in Zagreb in 1998, she started working at Ernst & Young where she was performing assignments related to pre-audit, audit, tax advisory and accounting services for reputable Croatian companies.

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Manager of Compensation and Benefits and Interim HR Director/Croatia&SEE, PLIVA HRVATSKA Ltd. (TEVA)

Mario Komljenović

Mario Komljenović was born in 1973, graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and is a professor of psychology. He worked in the field of market research during the period 1997-2002 (Gral Iteo Ltd. and Gfk Croatia Ltd.) with special emphasis on proposing, developing and introducing new methods and techniques for market research, multivariate data analysis and interpretation, and client education. He continued his career at Vipnet where he led the entire market research function. After a year, he transferred to the human resource management department, where he spent the last eight years leading HR systems and processes covering four main areas:

  1. Defining and implementing the compensation strategy and all its elements (fixed and variable pay system, benefits, performance management system, etc.)
  2. Organisational structure and its functioning (analysis, definition and evaluation of jobs and organisational units)
  3. Designing, conducting and implementing various sociometric systems covering employee development (e.g. 360fb) and/or organisational development (e.g. organisational climate and engagement),
  4. Designing and implementing new HR processes aimed at supporting the company’s business strategy

04/11/2022 and 05/11/2022

Recruitment and Selection

Classes are held on Fridays from 6 to 9 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Human Resource Management Processes II – Performance Management

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


Employee Development

 Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

18/02/2023 and 25/02/2023

Rewards, Internal Communication and Organisational Culture

 Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (both terms are mandatory).


HR Audit and HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


HR Strategy

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Business Ethics, Laws and Regulations, HR Business Partnering (internal consultant function)

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

24/06/2023 and 16/09/2023

Personal Development – Leading self and leading others

Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (both terms are mandatory).

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