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What is psychological testing

The best way to evaluate candidates

Psychological testing is a key part of the search for candidates. Testing is most often carried out in selection procedures with an emphasis on the assessment of cognitive abilities, personality traits, motivation, work values ​​and preferences, managerial abilities, and specific knowledge. The assessment may also include a psychological interview with an emphasis on determining competence, motivation, strengths, and weaknesses, and assessing the quality of relationships with colleagues and superiors.


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Fast and simple

Selection process via online testing

As a result of the global pandemic, selection processes start with online contact! In cooperation with experts in the field of psychometrics, we have developed an online application that enables standardized testing in several categories. The app is easy to use and enables comprehensive testing - anytime, anywhere.

Experienced psychologists are present online during the testing process to give candidates clear instructions and provide technical support. A psychological assessment provides information about the strengths and potential of a person, making a selection much more than a standard resume check.


What do our clients?

In SELECTIO Group, we have found a partner with whom we cooperate in several complementary areas. They support us in finding new talents and provide us with comprehensive support in development. Thanks to the team of excellent HR experts, we are sure that the funds we allocate for development are really invested, and not thrown to the wind. Warm and sincere recommendations from the PSK HR team.

Petra Grabušić

Head of HR | Hattrick-PSK d.o.o.

I am extremely satisfied with the service! I especially liked that I could participate in the role of an observer, so I saw firsthand how tests are prepared and carried out. We will continue working together due to the high flexibility and quality of the reports, understanding of the positions, and the great user experience and accessibility of all colleagues from the SELECTIO Group.

Ana Dasović

stručnjak za razvoj zaposlenika | HT

We have been hiring SELECTIO for years, with full confidence. The team we work with is always ready to adapt to our needs. The tests are carried out at times that suit us, and the reports are professional and understandable. Colleagues are always ready for additional clarifications and advice and foster a cooperative business relationship that is very important to us.

HR tim


What are the benefits of psychological testing?

Psychological assessment allows you to use proven methods to complete the picture of the candidates and check some details that can only be guessed and are largely influenced by personal impressions.

The information obtained helps in making a better decision about hiring future employees, as well as developing and promoting existing employees.

What can be assessed?

Psychological assessment may include testing the candidate's intellectual abilities, personality traits, motivation and work values, management skills, communication and self-presentation skills.

What do we get as a result of psychological testing?

The client receives an interpretive report that includes assessment results and a recommendation to what extent the candidate meets the requirements of the position and what are his main strengths, potential weaknesses and areas for development.

How are assessments conducted?

Our psychological tests are conducted online through the assessment platform. Assessments are supervised to ensure adequate conditions for the testing and to provide support to our candidates at all times.

How to prepare for the assessment?

It is best to take tests and questionnaires in a calm and quiet place, get a good night's sleep, and ask the psychologist anything you don't understand. Do your best and be honest and true to yourself while answering. By doing so, the potential employer will get to know you in the right way.

Are you interested in testing candidates?

We find motivated candidates who have the best chance of success in your organization.


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