Organizational climate and employee engagement survey

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Our approach

We uncover attitudes and satisfaction

Not sure how motivated and satisfied your team members are? You are aware there is room for improvement, but don't know where to start? By examining attitudes and satisfaction, we learn how employees perceive their work, superiors, colleagues, and work environment. Based on research, we create a plan that increases productivity, builds a better working atmosphere, reduces absence from work, turnover, and sick leave rate.

Phases of the survey

The survey in 5 simple steps 

We analyze employee attitudes and satisfaction in the following stages: (1) analysis of the work environment, (2) preparation of the methodology and implementation of testing, (3) interpretation of the results, (4) workshop with management and creation of corrective action plan, (5) communication of the results and corrective action plan for employees to ensure their progress and to show that you value their opinion and are involving them in transformation processes.


Increase employee engagement with guidelines tailored to your organization.

Together with your management, we create guidelines for the development of organizational climate and employee engagement that are fully adapted to your organization.

Increase employee motivation and engagement!

Conduct a climate and engagement survey with the best HR consultants in Croatia.