Accelerate program: How to strengthen leadership mindset?

  • Tena Žuger
  • 24. October 2021.
  • 3 min read

Good leaders show by example what they ask of others. That is why every successful organization strives to demonstrate desirable organizational behaviours at the highest levels. It is interesting that, following the example of managers, team members consciously and unconsciously begin to reflect the same behaviours and thinking. If team leaders are able to maintain calm and stability in stressful situations, regardless of personal stress, they are halfway to successful leadership. Proper management of time, relationships and results in times of crisis are not easy, and there is no magic formula. Every organization is specific, and every team is unique. This is precisely why there are development programs tailored to the organization, created on the basis of detailed management analysis.

Photo: Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

During the pandemic, many companies neglected the development of their employees' professional competencies because generating income became the top priority. However, some organizations have launched commendable programs and that is precisely why they have stood out at all levels. Thus, the managers of Fortenova Group in cooperation with SELECTIO Group have so far completed the first two of the eight modules of the DRIVE Beyond Excellence – Accelerate development program. The size of the program is best shown by the number of almost 100 employees who became participants because their potential for professional development was recognized through the strengthening of managerial and leadership skills, which today are necessary for successfully dealing with leadership challenges and building successful teams.

The first module was held on the topic "Leading yourself and leading others - strengthening the leadership mindset". Through education and exercises, the participants got an insight into the beginning of the process of growth of leaders. Namely, the change process starts from the first step. That is why the participants learned introspection and work on awareness, which implies awareness of their current leadership style and approach to team management. The workshop included the development of self-awareness as a prerequisite for self-management, because - only when we know how to lead ourselves are we ready to lead others.

Good leadership is a prerequisite for the success of the organization, and in times of uncertainty and crisis, it represents the key difference between desirable and undesirable employers.

The Accelerate program is a unique program created for the Fortenova Group. However, companies that do not need custom-made education but want to activate managers through an open program that has been passed by one of the best employers in the region, can improve their business through the SELECTIO Leadership Academy, which includes a one-year development and transformational group program. With 12 topics, the program guides participants through the process of change and development of skills necessary for leading teams in the 21st century. If you are interested in more, visit the SELECTIO Leadership Academy page and start your transformation!

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