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What is a 360° assessment

A reliable method of collecting feedback

The 360° evaluation method enables employees to receive feedback from superiors, colleagues, and sometimes clients, customers, or suppliers. In addition to the assessment of the environment, the employee also performs a self-assessment, after which they receive a complete overview of their characteristics. f properly implemented, 360° assessment can be a great addition to performance management because it enables understanding of efficiency, skills, and behavior - from the point of view of others. A full circle assessment helps employees become aware of their strengths and weaknesses to identify areas where they can grow professionally.



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What will you gain

Strong support for talent management

With the information obtained from the 360° assessment, you will more easily plan the development of employees, teams and the organization, you will improve client relations and you will successfully define the necessary training and education for employees.

You will have a vision of career path development and leadership skills and you will help employees become aware of their strengths and weaknesses in order to identify areas in which they can grow and develop professionally.

What are the prerequisites for using a 360° assessment?

In order for the method to be successfully implemented, it must be connected to the company's strategic goals. If you have identified key competencies, created job descriptions and developed or at least planned a performance management system - you are ready for a 360° assessment!

Is 360° assessment a form of performance management?

The 360° evaluation method is not a form of performance management, but it can be a useful part or the first step before introducing a complete performance management system.

How does 360° evaluation affect the development of teams?

360° assessment is often the first step in achieving a feedback culture that encourages the development of the team and its members. After a 360° assessment, team members become more accountable to each other. They openly share and receive feedback and have input on their own and other people's work.

How does a 360° assessment affect the professional development of an individual?

Full circle feedback from multiple sources is the best way to understand yourself and your development needs as well as the organization and organizational development needs. The assessment results provide excellent information about what you should do to advance your career.

Do you want to conduct a 360° assessment?

We will create a questionnaire according to your competency system!



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