Competency modeling

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Employee development

Recognize and reward excellence

With the model of key competencies, we define the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes of employees that lead to the achievement of goals. We highlight the difference between an excellent and average employee and assess educational needs, readiness for more complex work tasks, the way work is performed, compliance with the organization's values, and identify talent that could significantly contribute to the team.

Phases of the survey

Transparent career development

The competency model helps in building an employee reward system and promotion system. An additional definition of the education and training plan increases employee competencies, which leads to better competitive advantage and long-term growth. The end results are greater employee satisfaction, better recruitment and selection processes, and easier talent search that significantly contributes to growth.


We adapt the model according to the needs of your organization.

The strength of our success lies in a customized approach and familiarity with all segments of talent and human resources management. That's why we offer complete and unique solutions that are proven to help build a stimulating work environment.

Build a transparent system for employee promotion.

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