These are 4 skills you need to prove at a job interview

  • 01. July 2024.
  • 6 min read

If you are waiting for a job interview, it means that you have already passed the first selection round, but your path to the desired position has just begun. For the employer to decide to offer you a job, it is important what impression you make when meeting a potential manager, team leader or HR.

To be sure that you will make a good impression, it is essential that you prepare adequately. Before the job interview, set aside time to devote to self-reflection - list your strengths, and areas for improvement, and recall examples of specific situations to support your claims.

In a job interview, it is most important to demonstrate these 4 skills:

  1. Communication skills

You will best demonstrate your communication skills to the hiring manager, including the ability to listen actively, by concisely and clearly taking him through your previous work experience. Emphasize results, initiatives and specific contributions - don't forget that this sets you apart from other candidates. You will confirm your success and efficiency with concrete examples.

Also, prepare questions related to the workplace, this will further emphasize your interest in the desired position. In this way, you show proactivity and the ability to ask key questions, which in the eyes of the hiring manager can only be a bonus. With questions about the specific expectations you will meet in your new role, you can find out as much as possible about the team you will be working with and the way the company operates.

Pay attention to non-verbal communication. Maintain eye contact to show confidence and respect for the other person. Lean your body forward to demonstrate engagement and interest. Emphasize your confidence with a calm and confident tone of voice. Remember that a skilful combination of verbal and non-verbal communication is key to making a positive impression.

  1. Organization

Being organized is a skill that significantly affects your efficiency and success in the workplace. You must demonstrate the ability to effectively organize time and resources during a job interview. Prepare examples from practice and describe exactly when and how you successfully managed projects, met deadlines and solved complex tasks.

Highlight your methods of planning and prioritizing tasks. Concrete examples, such as managing complex projects or balancing multiple tasks at the same time, can show the hiring manager your organizational skills.

Also, be prepared for questions on how you deal with unforeseen situations and urgent tasks. Here you can emphasize your flexibility and ability to adapt to change while maintaining focus and control over priorities. Be sure to come to the interview on time, bring all the necessary documents and be prepared. Your readiness and organization during the interview itself reflect your work habits and professionalism.

  1. Team cooperation

During a job interview, it is desirable to demonstrate the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues and contribute to team goals. Prepare specific examples from past experiences where you worked in teams and successfully collaborated on projects. For example, based on the Belbin model of team roles®, you can explain that you understand your patterns of behaviour in a team, especially those that lead you in stressful situations.

Emphasize situations in which you stood out by taking the initiative or resolving conflicts and providing support to colleagues. Show how your work contributed to the achievement of team goals and how you adapted to different work styles and personalities within the team.

Furthermore, demonstrate the ability to communicate and be open to feedback. Mention how you used feedback to improve your work, but also work processes within the team. Emphasize your willingness to share knowledge and skills with colleagues and show that you understand how this contributes to the development of the team.

Do not forget that management of conflicts and differences, along with the ability to give and receive adequate feedback, are qualities of a leader. Those leadership skills are especially valued by employers for positions that have the perspective of leading teams. If you have completed the Leadership Academy, training for team management or any similar training, be sure to emphasize this during the interview. Certificates of quality training and programs are the best proof of your skills and competencies.

  1. Proactivity

Proactivity is a skill for successful progress in the workplace. Demonstrate a willingness to take initiative, anticipate problems and find solutions. It is also important to mention situations from practice where you stood out with proactivity and independent action towards business improvement.

Also, highlight situations where you identified opportunities to improve work processes or proposed innovative solutions that contributed to the effectiveness of the team or organization. Show how you identified potential challenges and proactively took steps to overcome or prevent them. Also, emphasize your ability to motivate and inspire colleagues and encourage them to cooperate and solve problems together.

Come to the interview with concrete ideas about how you can contribute to the company and ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the organization's strategic goals. Your willingness to take initiative and engage already during the conversation will be a strong indicator of your proactivity.

Emphasize how your personal values ​​​​and work style match the company's culture. Mention specific examples from previous work experiences where you worked in environments with a similar culture and successfully fit in. Show how your professional ambitions and goals can contribute to the achievement of the company's mission and vision. Your willingness to align with the organization's values will be a strong indicator of your potential as a team member.

Invest time in learning about the organization and organizational culture and integrate this information throughout your entire interview preparation. During the interview, show that you understand the mission, vision and values ​​of the company and that you are aligned with its culture. Prepare in advance by researching the company, its projects and market positions so that you can speak about them relevantly and persuasively.

And don't forget, always stay authentic and honest. Good luck at the interview!

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