Employment of people with disabilities

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Recognize the potential

Through management training, we learn about the specifics of hiring and working with employees with disabilities, adaptation principles and financing options, and meeting the needs of customers with disabilities. We offer consulting for the development of adequate policies that enable diversity management, analyze accessibility and make recommendations to ensure reasonable adjustments in selection and employment processes, ensuring adequate working conditions, PR activities and customer relations. We help meet the employment quota for people with disabilities, provide support in finding and selecting talent with disabilities, and carry out positive actions in the local community.

Create new opportunities

The implementation of inclusive practices represents a sustainable business strategy and directly affects the growth and development potential of the organization.

By ensuring adequate conditions for people with disabilities, you open up the possibility of hiring new talent that will be the key to the team's success and maintaining a comparative advantage, today and in the future.

Most people with disabilities have abilities that can be used in the workplace, and we are here to help you in the process of ensuring adequate conditions to make your organization more productive, innovative, and competitive.


We adapt the model according to the needs of your organization.

Utilize the potential of the labor market of people with disabilities with support for the development of adequate policies, an adaptation of the workplace, finding new talent and numerous other segments. Everything for the employment of people with disabilities is in one place.

Build a transparent system for employee promotion.

Provide adequate conditions for people with disabilities with the help of experienced experts from the Institute of Labor Market Development.